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How to Detox Your Life

Sure, we might be good at detoxing our bodies, but how about our minds? In this article, I explain what Mind Detoxing means and how you can accomplish it. By detoxing your mind you can create more balance and purpose in your life. 

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What Does The Term Mind Detoxing Mean?

Wow. I love this term. We’re all very aware of detoxing our bodies, but we’ll allow our minds to be filled with all types of filth and never clean them out. I hear people sometimes say that meditation is emptying of the mind, to which confirm, yes, we all need a little mind emptying because so many of us have minds full of pain, negativity, fear, anger, unforgiveness, and the list goes on.

During my workshops I often read the poem called Sara Cynthia Sylvia Stout Would Not Take the Garbage Out by Shel Silverstein. Here is the YouTube link to it. 

Basically, Sara, refused to take the garbage out until it reached all the way to the sky. If we are not making it a regular habit to purify our hearts and minds from all that contaminate body and spirit, all that mental garbage begins to accumulate and affects us on a subconscious level. We can hide it, deny it, or sweep it under the rug thinking out of sight, out of mind, but nothing could be further from the truth. It’s still there waiting to show up at just the right trigger.

So what would a mind detox look like? First of all, we must become aware of what we are thinking on a regular basis. We think 70k thoughts in a day. Ninety percent of these are unconscious, repetitive, and negative. Until we become aware of what’s going on in our head, we will be invisibly ruled by them. Meditation is a wonderful tool to become aware of and then learn how to detach from thoughts that aren’t supporting our well-being.

Once you become aware of them, you can begin to eradicate, modify, erase, squash out, and change your thoughts and state of mind.

One thing I personally do is have a Spirit Care Morning Routine. Each morning, I check in with myself and see if there are any lingering thoughts or feelings that may be bringing me down or weighing on my spirit. Once I identify them, I use various healing tools to help me release them. Sometimes all I need is a guided Christian meditation; other times I need much more.

I believe we should mentally detox on a daily basis as there is so much mental and emotional toxicity that can attach to us throughout the day. Just like we shower to clean our outside bodies, we need to clean our inner life. Jesus said in the Bible, to “Guard your heart, for from the heart comes the issues of life.” If we don’t guard our hearts and keep our minds pure, we will manifest the very things we fear.

Take Inventory of Your Life

Wondering if your life is out of balance and you need a detox? Learn easiest way to determine if it’s time to declutter your life, relationships, & more.

The best way to answer this question is to take an inventory of your present life. When considering whether you need a detox or not, looking at the condition of your home is a good place to start. That is because our outer life and surroundings often mirrors or is a reflection of our inner life and thoughts. We can tell a lot about our mental, emotional, and spiritual health just by looking around our home. So answer these questions:

  • Is my home clean?
  • Does being in my home make me feel good and at peace?
  • Are my closets packed full of misc. items?
  • Do I have boxes in my garage and I have no idea what’s in them?
  • Is my home free of clutter, appealing and well organized?

You see, I don’t need to know everything about you to know if your life is in need of a detox. The reason is because if one area of our life is out of balance or in disarray, that disorder tends to be a thread in all areas of your life.

Now you might be one of the people who have everything in your life in order, maybe you are even a perfectionist, which generally incorporates similar issues as well. Having too much structure and order can also block out many great opportunities in your life. Perfectionists tend to be more critical of others and suffer from anxiety and negative thinking. So even if you are the persona of cleanliness, you’re not quite off the hook either; however, since so many of us fall into the first category, we’ll go with that analogy for now.

Therefore, if your home is disorganized, filled with clutter, and just puts a drain on your spirit, this is not only an indication of an unorderly home, it may also indicate an unorderly and cluttered life. And when clutter abounds in any level, it blocks the peace, joy, light, love, harmony, and purpose of God from shining through. The clutter in your mind, body, and spirit actually acts as a barrier that obstructs your blessings from reaching you.

Disorder, clutter, or toxins in your mind blocks peace of mind and steals your joy.

Disorder, clutter, or toxins in your relationships blocks love and harmony and if you’re single, may keep you from attracting the love you desire.

Disorder, clutter, or toxins in your body blocks good health and vitality.

Disorder, clutter, or toxins in your schedule blocks the time to do what you love or what you say is important to you.

Disorder, clutter, or toxins in your vision will keep you from fulfilling your purpose or passion.

Disorder, clutter, or toxins in your spirit blocks intimacy with God and a thriving and growing relationship with Christ.

Disorder, clutter, or toxins in your home drains your spirit, creativity, and overall well being.

Detoxing your life means getting rid of the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical toxins, clutter, and disorder, whether it means throwing it out, reorganizing it, or recycling it into something useful.

The Seven Core Areas of Your Life

If your life is in balance, meaning you are nurturing the seven core areas of your life, these include your mind, body, spirit, emotions, body, schedule, home or physical space, relationships, and your vision, you clean clear a path to experiencing all that God has for you. You’ll wake up every morning anticipating another day of blessings, peace, joy, and opportunities and you won’t be weighted down with old hurts, entanglements, habits, addictions, and attachments that imprison you. You will feel lighter, freer, and more open to receive.

Often times, we don’t even know these things are weighing us down because 1) we’re too busy to notice, 2) we’re ignorant that we even have a problem, 3) we neglect them by denying they exist or sweeping them under a rug, thinking out of sight, out of mind. Yet whether we deny them or hide them, they still have an unconscious grip over us until we acknowledge them, confront them, and release them.

Many people in order to forget use addictions to masks their pain. Whether it is food, sex, recreation, work, excessive church attendance, or physical fitness, these help us to forget, but, if we want to break free, we must do more than forget, we must be healed.

Detoxing your life means peeling back, examining, removing, and then healing those areas in your life that are causing you to just survive and not thrive.

How Can I Get Started?

So where do I get started? So once you acknowledge that you have a balancing or detox problem that is represented by the amount of clutter, disorder, or maybe toxins in your life, you are at step one to doing something about it, because awareness must be present before meaning change can take place. I wish I could give you three easy steps that would make all your internally clutter go away, but it took years to get there, and may take some time to clear it all out. Believe me, you don’t want all of that internal junk to just come pouring out all at once, do you? Detoxing your life is a process that you ease into and take one step at a time, but I do have a few suggestions to get you started.

  1. Pause…start a daily Christian meditation practice to help you find balance and regain control so you can begin to tackle these issues one at a time. Christian meditation is like a doorway to the heart. By cultivating a regular time of stillness, we allow the natural detox process to take place. By becoming observers of our minds and our thoughts, we begin to clearly see what destructive or negative mind patterns may be causing our unhappiness, frustration, or despair. An excellent meditation to get your started is my guided meditation CD or download Controlling Negative Thoughts.
  2. Consider my Help Me God Change My Life Program – This 12-week program that is founded on creating a solid Christian meditation practice contains lessons and guided meditations as well as a toolbox of healing practices that takes you systematically through each area so that you can take your life back and live with mental, spiritual, and physical abundance.
  3. Come to one of my Getaway with God Retreats! One of my favorite retreats is the relax, reflect, release, re-access, reset, and reconnect themed retreat where I teach you step-by-step how to identify those areas holding you back and how to release them and reset your life toward the path that really honors you. Join the mailing list to learn when registration opens for my next retreat.

Detoxing Your Life Takes a Holistic Approach

Eliminate mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical toxins with the guidance of a brand new e-program titled Help Me God Change My Life that has been released by Serenity Enterprises.

The aim of this Christian health, fitness, and wellness program is to help believers and other spiritual seekers cleanse themselves of toxins that interfere with their overall health and well-being and God’s best for their lives.

Help Me God Change My Life takes a spiritual and holistic approach to health and healing. The program is unique in that most self-help programs address one or more specific areas like clearing clutter or overcoming emotional eating instead of uncovering the source of many problems, which most often begin with a renewing of the mind and purification of the spirit. Once we change our thoughts and cleanse our heart, the natural byproduct is a healthier body and outer world,” says the author and Health and Spiritual Coach Rhonda Jones.

The 10-week self-study program guides members through detoxing seven core areas starting with the mind and then progressing to the spirit, body, relationships, schedule, environment, vision or purpose. “When we are out of balance in one area, it tends to flow over to other areas as well,” says Jones.” Jesus said, when referring to the physical body, that when one member suffers, the whole body is affected. It’s just like spot-reducing,” said Jones, “fitness experts will tell you there is no such thing. You must exercise the whole body just to lose weight in your waist or thighs. That’s why addressing the core or root cause is so important.”

The e-program contains a 192-page e-guide that includes 78 daily spiritual and practical lessons and comes with 16 Christ-centered meditation and affirmation mp3 recordings. Each day, members spend quiet time with God, meditate on scripture, journal their thoughts and inspirations, and complete the “Diving Deeper” portion of the lesson to identify blockages like fear, doubt, negative thinking, or limiting beliefs. Participants then complete one or more spiritual or practical activities aimed to successfully resolve these blockages once and for all.

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