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How Does Christian Meditation Affect Other Aspects of Your Life?

Meditation, specifically Christian meditation, has probably had the single most impact on my life. I believe that meditation whether Christian or not, can affect different aspects of your life. Before I discovered meditation, being still, and taking charge of my thought life, I suffered from a debilitating depression. I pretty much stumbled upon meditation one day, and while being quiet and still I began to notice my horrible thoughts. Up until that time I was unconscious of them; however, once I gained awareness I was able to change how I was thinking.

To me, meditation is like a shower of the mind. Each time we go into our meditation practice, we wash off another layer of our old programming or past hurts. It also gives us insight as to what’s happening inside us. We don’t have to be a victim to our thoughts or emotions.

Because of meditation, as well as my faith in God, my life if filled with much more peace, joy, purpose and contentment. By meditating regularly, I stay connected to my heart and spirit and am on the constant lookout for any mindsets or fears that can steal my mental and emotional well-being.

Meditation also allows me to create greater space for God in my life, because it quiets all the internal noise and chatter so I can hear the voice of the Spirit so much more clearly.

Here are a few articles I wrote a while back on the benefits of Christian meditation if you are interested. Benefits of Christian Meditation and Christian Meditation In Simplest Terms it is Being with God

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