Five Reasons Why Your Affirmations Don't Work

Five Reasons Why Your Affirmations Don’t Work

Read Why Affirmations Don't Work Affirmations are one of the best ways to psychologically prepare yourself for a day of success. Saying an affirmation before a job interview or a big test to remind yourself that you are valuable and intelligent is a scientifically proven way to prepare yourself. However, there are some cases where positive affirmations do not work for an individual and instead make them question their abilities and motivations. Here we will explore five reasons why your particular mantras may not be working for you.

1. They Are Not Specific Enough:

One of the most common mistakes that people make when developing an affirmation for the day is that it is simply not specific enough. Telling yourself that you are intelligent and presentable is a good start, but you need to integrate specific ideas into your mantra in order for it to be successful. It should be specific to the task at hand. For example, rather than saying, “I am intelligent”, say: “I am intelligent enough to pass this board examination”. The extra specificity will focus your mind on the task and leave less room for  self-doubt.

2. Your Affirmations Are Not Stated In the Present:

Another common problem with affirmations is they have too much focus on the future and not enough on the present; you are doing all of the work to achieve that future state now, it only makes sense to affirm your success. Instead of saying, “I am going to have a new job”, tell yourself, “I have a wonderful new job and I am completely satisfied”. You will feel happier and more satisfied with your journey towards the new position.

3. Your Affirmation Is Situation-Oriented:

Another of the most common problems individuals have when developing their affirmations is that they are only used in certain situations. Many experts in affirmations believe that you should wake up with five affirmations every day that help you define yourself by your willingness to improve and not your need to rise to the occasion. Rather than tell yourself that you have the power to control your destiny right before a big decision, tell yourself every day.  That way, when the situation does arise, you are completely ready.

4. Doubtful Thoughts Ruin Affirmations:

While affirmations are powerful tools to affect your attitude and outlook in a positive way, doubtful thoughts are the antithesis of positivity and production. It is important to learn to control your negative thoughts concerning your affirmations; otherwise the creeping doubts will make you focus more upon your shortcomings than your ability to handle the situation. Controlling these thoughts will take time and practice, but the results are far more pleasing than using affirmations alone.


5. Your Affirmations Are Not Stated In the Positive:

Another mistake that prevents individuals from having successful affirmations is the failure to outline them in a positive context. For example, rather than saying, “I do not eat junk food”, tell yourself, “I only put healthy, nutritious food into my body”. In creating a positive stance for your affirmations, you are ensuring all thoughts associated with it will create strong, positive feelings that will help you achieve your goals.

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