Christian Meditation Spotlight - Reverend Kenderick Weaver

Christian Meditation Spotlight- Reverend Dr. Kendrick D. Weaver

How I Meditate As a Christian Spotlight   Bio:  Just tell a little about yourself. The Reverend Dr. Kendrick D. Weaver spends much of his time exploring the depths and dimensions of simplicity, silence, biblical meditation and prayer. His travels and research on Christian spirituality in Africa, Latin America and the Middle East have led […]


How I Meditate As a Christian- Rhonda Jones

[note note_color=”#e4e3e0″ text_color=”#040404″ radius=”2″]How I Meditate as a Christian -or- How I Spend My Quiet Time with God is a New Category Just Launched to Learn About How Others Meditate in the Body of Christ. If you would like to participate by sharing your meditation practice, please see the link at the end of this […]