Is it okay for Christians to do Kundalini yoga?

Is it okay for Christians to do Kundalini yoga?

Question:  I have a specific question about the Kundalini style meditation. I’m a Christian and been active in my church community for about 10 yrs give or take. I been having panic attacks, anger issues, lust things and debt as well. I notice that my connection or feeling part of my church isn’t there like it once was and I been contemplating searching for a new community. Its through this search for a new place to call home I found meditation, stone Chakra healing and Kundalini. I have been interested but haven’t gone there yet. I always thought yoga or meditation was a hippy thing or innocent in nature but the more I read the more CONFUSED I get. I just want to be silent and spend time with the Lord while building a relationship finding that connection again. Along with killing the sin in my life so I can move forward in my walk with Jesus. Is stone healing and Kundalini good or bad? I get mixed msgs and really need some help discerning this topic.


Answer:  I just returned this evening from a weekend meditation retreat that was truly life changing for me. I am always delighted and blessed to find new tools to deepen my relationship with God.

You are like a growing number of Christians who want to forfeit religion for spirituality. Religion is man’s attempt to define God through rules and tradition. Spirituality is knowing and seeking God for who he truly is without all the other dogma and that begins in the heart. The Word says, “the Spirit of God is within you.”  It sounds like you have a desire to connect with God’s Spirit, the Holy Spirit, at that deeper level.

Now to answer your question about stone healing, Kundalini yoga, and Chakra healing. First let me say that I believe that meditation is one of the missing links in modern Christianity. Today’s Christians are mostly about “doing” and “service.” We don’t really understand what it means to “be” and “abide” in God. In essence, God wants us to become vessels He can dwell in. Although we may not recognize it, too many of us are trying to work our way into Heaven and in short, coming up short of what God’s truly has for us and wants from us. After a while, disillusionment can set in. It’s what we do at this point that really matters.

As you probably know, I am also a Christian yoga teacher and as well, I believe yoga, which is a moving meditation, and especially Christ-centered yoga is another tool that can enhance our walk with God by teaching us, again, how to be still, quiet our minds, and hear the still small voice of the Holy Spirit.

Now, here is where I want to caution you. There are many types of yoga and most of them are pretty harmless depending upon the instructor, but with all honesty, I don’t believe Kundalini yoga is one of them.  If you research Kundalini Yoga it involves a serpent entering your spine to bring you some form of energy and enlightenment.  Please stay away!

If Christian yoga is not offered in your area look for Hatha, Vinyasa, or even Iyengar  yoga. These are pretty much void of religious overtones, unless you just get a zealous instructor who likes to incorporate chanting and other rituals. I would suggest checking out classes and find instructors you feel comfortable with who basically teach yoga as exercise and relaxation.  There are many of them.

As for stone and chakra healing, I am not that familiar with these healing modalities and what they involve, but I’d wonder how these are going to deepen your relationship with Christ?   I do believe that God can provide many tools to help us live healthy and well-balanced lives without going into the new age direction.  For emotional healing and working through emotional blocks, I often recommend EFT and have created Christian versions of EFT on youtube.

You mentioned lust and other habits. Success in these area involves renewing the mind and purifying the heart. Meditation is a good start but you’ll probably need more guidance. If you want more tools I recommend checking out my program Help Me God Change My Life at Also, check out Amazon reviews for this program at but it is available on my website.

I know where you are coming from, but tread lightly when it comes to all this alternative stuff. I would encourage you to seek Jesus through the spiritual discipline of Christian meditation to start. Also, you can find contemplative or meditation retreats that are religiously neutral but can connect you to God in a very spiritual way as well as a greater understanding of the mind, body, and spirit. Never lose sight that Jesus is the way. Let your goal be to clear away everything that is obstructing his love, joy, purity, and peace from operating fully in your life.  That is where true freedom and spirituality lie.

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