Should Christians Practice Reiki?

Should Christians Practice Reiki?

On my recent live Christian meditation Q and A, I was asked if a Christian should practice Reiki?  As I stated during the webinar, I have never been to a Reiki practitioner, however do know a few and it is my understanding that they use some sort of energy to heal the body. From an intellectual point of view, I don’t know enough about Reiki to give an opinion; however, from an experiential one I do. I personally would not use Reiki based upon the knowledge I have today. The reason I say from an experiential experience is because I have a very good friend who attributes Reiki to the demonic oppression she has been suffering from for the past 3 years.

My friend, who was vibrant in every way began seeing a Reiki practitioner because of a pain she was experiencing in her body. My friend loved the Lord, taught fitness classes at the church, founded the health and wellness ministry, was in school to become a nutritional counselor, full-time worker, and was a happily married grandma.

However, all this changed while going through a physical detox and seeing a Reiki practitioner. During this time, she began experiencing severe pain in her stomach. At first she thought it had to do with the supplements she was taking for the detox but weeks went by with no relief. From there, my friend began to experience mental and psychological problems. She heard noises, had strange sensations in her body, felt oppressed, and began to experience severe depression. This later turned into nightmares, the inability to sleep, and a feeling that God had abandoned her. She also left her job of 20 plus years.

It has now been 3 years and my friend is still suffering. She believes she has lost her salvation and has no peace or joy in her life. Although she is slowly getting better, she is not completely free from her internal torment. Over the past years she has sought numerous treatments through counseling, mental evaluation, deliverance from demonic spirits, medication, and more. She is continually seeking her healing and I believe that God is going to use this as a testimony in her life. I personally believe that my friend is suffering from a spiritual and mental stronghold. Although all of her physical symptoms have long disappeared, she has adopted a fear-based mindset and having difficulty breaking free from that mental cycle.

Therefore, based upon my friends experience, I personally would not use Reiki.  I do believe there are many helpful spiritual disciplines and modalities and as Christians we should not operate in a spirit of fear, but wisdom. However, when it comes to healing and allowing  people to lay hands on us, we should be cautious about whom we give that liberty too. There is so much we don’t know. If you do decide to try Reiki, I would only do so with someone you know and who also professes Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.  Perhaps there are some born-again Christian Reiki practitioners that can shed more light on this subject. If so, please use the comments section below.



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  1. Velda Johnson

    p.s. I did seek counseling but the person said he was a christian but he had certificates in other things as well, but didn’t feel comfortable with him because he would use phrases like a buddha enlightment and I began to think that he was not being truthful about his beliefs…so I stopped going…

  2. Velda Johnson

    Hello Rhonda and thank you for all these wonderful articles….mines is possibly familiar to you or maybe not…I recently left a church that had a lot of religious and traditional beliefs that I took part in because I had experienced a move of GOD in my life that led me to believe that this was right and the will of GOD. A few years back after goin through a lot of spiritual warfare and getting Ill, the LORD began to reveal these spirits of religion to me…I left the church because of all of the word curses and tearing down of the members…I had allowed myself to become a part of something that was already going on before I had come to the church…I repented for being angry and unforgiving of all the people and their rules, I feel so much better now, but my husband who came to the church after me still insist on going even though he sees all of the demonic activity, which to him just seems to be people who are out of control emotionally. I also removed my children as well, because I allow them to wear jeans and clothing that the church doesn’t approve of so they tend to bash them as well as the parents…it’s been a lot of torment, but I am ready to give all this anger up, but with my husband being my head and him still being there, it is so hard to move on…my husband saw my pain and he agreed I could leave the church but I don’t understand why he is choosing to stay there…I have been married 29 years and the church was a wonderful church when we joined and even now some of the people are so sweet, but very controlling and that is a turn off for me, I believe leaders are to guide us not control us with using scripture to plant fear inside of us…I can’t see going back there ever but I feel soultied til my husband comes out…he complains about them but won’t leave…pray for us that we be released to move on in the LORD. I am trying to meditate on GOD’S WORD to help me overcome this abuse, need help on exactly what I need to be doing. I am a minister for 3 years now but this church never talked about christian with demons or how to really war against the spirit sitting next to you….I have been on a emotional rollercoaster….

  3. Hi Regina, me again. As you go through the course I believe the Holy Spirit will alert you. Usually you’ll just feel uncomfortable or something just doesn’t seem or feel right. I would say to just honor your feelings and not participate in any aspect of the practice that makes you uncomfortable. Recently I went to my yoga class and there was a substitute instructor (absolutely love the regular instructor but shes traveling until April). The substitute spent the first five minutes having students chant a song to Shiva in sansrikt. Instead I sang to Jesus. Then at the end of class she did it again and I just laid down and didn’t participate at all. This type of chanting is very unusual in the yoga classes I take (praise God for Christian yoga) and I was somewhat disappointed, but I also choices, praise God. You may get through the whole reiki course and feel completely fine with it. PLEASE PLEASE SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCE WITH US WHEN YOU’RE GOING THROUGH IT OR COMPLETED IT. I really want to get your inside scoop. Like, “Where is this healing energy coming from?” I want to know.

  4. Hi Christiane,

    Thank you for your comments. I agree that we should be careful not to criticize what we don’t understand. Fortunately, reiki has been benefical for you. I would never want to generalize against any one modality because everyone’s experience is different. Yet, facts are facts. You are correct in stating that maybe the detox contributed to her condition as well. That is also correct because I have read where some detoxes can also have an extremely negative impact on the body throwing it all out of whack. As with any type of healing method, we need to use discernment and wisdom. I am glad we are having this dialogue and hopefully with will lead to greater enlightenment. We know that the Bible says that the devil will come as an “angel of light” therefore, we must always be on guard. Blessings.

  5. Christiane Delao

    I think the man that taught us about reiki is a soul that wanted to serve mankind.From what I read in your friends story is that together with reiki she also changed other things in her lifestyle and we should be aware that we have to be careful with condemning other peoples work esp. when the only thing they intended was to serve mankind.I myself can not investigate this more,this is but my humble opinion.. but the article gave me somehow the shivers…for me reiki is like acupuncture and part of eastern medicine…no chemicals involved..forgive me when I’m wrong…it’s not reiki that fails maybe…it can be the individual, either the practioner or the patient that still has to grow…who knows…find a person.. be it reiki or another therapist that feels fine and that you like..that’s the most important thing to investigate and he or she might help you more..He that is blessed, cannot be cursed.
    God bless,Christiane, Belgium

  6. Hi Regina, I am praying that Gina sees your message and responses shortly. If not, I’ll send her an email.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing this information. Some practices look so innocent yet it is a trick of the devil. I want to become a holistic health practitioner and Reiki is one of the required courses. If I must take this class what would you recommend I do to protect myself or which exercises should I refuse to participate in?

  8. Hi Rhonda and Friends!

    I was a Reiki II practitioner and can shed some light on this topic:
    1) Most classes are taught in extremely ungodly environments. I learned mine from a “holistic” center where seances were held and everything that goes with them. This is the norm. (I didn’t yet know the Lord.)
    2) There are “sacred” symbols imparted to the practitioner’s hands during the Reiki attunement ceremony that provide the “light” (Divine power) to heal. These are invoked prior to (traced into the air while burning sage or incense, to prepare the room) and all during (traced into the palms) the treatment, while chanting the Japanese phrases that accompany each symbol (out loud or mentally).
    3) During the attunement ceremony there is a lot of working with the crown “chakra”, which is basically a direct download from whatever powers that be, and it is very common to experience intense sensations and visions during this. In my case, I heard instructions from a new “guide” — a goddess, unknown to me– and when I researched her, it turned out she was the Mayan goddess of healing, Ix Chel. Very accurate… very creepy.
    I could go on and on. In my experience, Reiki is nothing less than demonic and I advise all Christians to steer clear!! Satan is indeed the great counterfeiter and trickster. I heard June Hunt recently say “He’ll heal your body if he can steal your soul.” We can only expect this to escalate now in these prophetic times.

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