How Can I Prevent Myself From Depression?


I’m not sure if I am an INFJ, but I know that I am extremely introspective, introverted, and everything is about how I feel. Many years ago I suffered from 4 long years of depression that was extremely debilitating. Although INFJs may be more prone to depression because they often get stuck in their feelings and minds, depression affects everyone. The big question is, how to prevent yourself from becoming depressed regardless of your mental and emotional bent.

Depression is a construct of the mind that 90% of the time is in direct relationship to the thoughts that we are thinking. Negative and destructive thoughts, fears, old programming left unchecked can all lead to depression. It wasn’t until I began to monitor the thoughts in my head that I realized they were full of self-hated and regret; however this awareness did not come until I became still and quiet and began to listen. We often don’t notice the rapid correlation between what we think and how we feel because we’re just to distracted or busy to notice; however, look deep enough and you can usually find the source of your depression, the very thought that triggered it.

Depression is simply these thoughts and emotions recycling themselves over and over until we create neuropathways in our brain that keep us in the depressed cycle. The longer we are depressed, the harder it is to restore our joy because we’ve actually hardwired our brain for it.

One of the best ways to prevent depression is to monitor your thinking and then squash those negative thoughts before they have a chance to get into your heart. I have found (Christian) meditation to be my godsend when it comes to learning how to quiet my mind and detach from all the internal noise within me. I have a daily Spirit Care Morning Routine that I do that includes many healing tools like EFT and the Welcoming Prayer as well as journaling that helps me to keep my mind and heart pure when I feel mentally and emotionally off balance.

I have a free Quick Start Guide that might be helpful to you that you can download at Christian Meditation- What Do You Need to Heal?

The important thing to realize is that you don’t have to become a victim of your thoughts. You can transcend them if they are causing you pain.

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