Can Anything Separate Us from God’s Love?

God's love for youRomans 8: 38-39 Paul declares, “ 38For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons,[a] neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, 39neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” I am also convinced that although nothing can separate us from God’s love for us, our own fears and insecurities can keep us from receiving the blessings of His love and His very best for us. God’s spirit and promises never change. God is truly the only constant in the universe. God is the source of all creation which includes abundant health and wealth. Where we end up on the spectrum of blessings has everything to do with us and our relationship with God through our own eyes and heart. If I think I can, I am right. If I think I can’t, I’m also right. It’s all a matter of perception. The greatest difference between a magistrate and a pauper lie within his own mind. So if we aren’t enjoying or receiving all be think we deserve or all that God offers us through His promises, it’s up to use to uncover how we are blocking God’s love and the flow of abundance in our lives. What are we continually thinking about our circumstances that are limiting God’s spirit from fully manifesting in and around us I say God’s love because it is from God’s love that every good and perfect gift flows. It’s the same with us, it’s our love that motivates us to give and want the best for others. Yet, we can’t always give our love away freely; the recipient must be willing to receive it as well.  But people block the flow of love in their life all the time. They put up walls and barriers to keep from being hurt or disappointed. However, those same walls also block love from entering as well. In an attempt to guard ourselves, we block the good and the bad. The scripture tells us to guard our hearts for out of our hearts flow the issues of life. From our hearts, or what we believe and meditate on, we create our own life experiences. But God wants us to guard our hearts from the lies and deceptions out there that suppress our divine nature and His!  He wants us to chisel away everything that doesn’t represent who we are in Christ and who he is as God. When we are experiencing lack, whether it be a mate, finances, security, material things, peace, joy, etc, it is not our job to seek after these things.  This is where the frustration lies. God says through his word that he has given us everything we need to live an abundant, joy-filled, and holy life. When we experience lack in any area, we need to examine our relationship with our source, with God. We need to ask ourselves, “Am I trusting God to give me what I need or desire?” I mean “really trusting” Him! Not through verbal accent, but in thought, motive, and action as well. Often times there is a wide gap between what we say and what we actually believe. Our actions tell the truth. When we are faithfully trusting God, we release all anxiety and fear. We stop intently seeking and searching for the object of our desire because we don’t have to; it’s coming via the Lord. We rest in God and just let the love (abundance, wealth, desire) flow to us unhindered and unencumbered. It may take a little while for it to reach us, but our faith and knowing says, it’s on its way, and we move onto enjoying life. Forget the long work hours and the countless single events; forget the scheming, manipulating, and all the time and energy put into chasing after your dreams. Jesus said, that’s what the heathens do, they chase after “things” when our heavenly father wants to give them to us as a gift out of his love for us. So today, examine where you have taken God’s love out of the equation and been on a journey of self-fulfillment instead of fully opening yourself to overflowing love of God. Then one by one submit them to the Lord, trust and believe his love possess everything you desire, and that by getting out of the way, you will receive them in due time. Using biblical affirmations and Christian meditation to combat negative self-talk and thinking and chisel away at your false mindsets and limitating beliefs can help. Spending time with God in silence and solitude helps us to uncover our true self and bring out the divine nature within us; the nature that connects us to God. Be sure and check out my post on Allowing God to Love Us, that list positive affirmations of allowing transformation to take place.


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    I wanted to ask if i could use a quote from the above post that you have made, giving credit to you…for a women’s retreat we are having on God’s love?

    we would probably give a copy to about 25 women.
    thank you.

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