Allowing the Love & Blessings of God to Overtake You

Allowing the Love & Blessings of God to Overtake You

Allowing the Love & Blessings of God to Overtake YouLast week I wrote a post about intention and created a list of intentions that I read each morning. But lately during my quiet meditation time with God, I sense God taking my heart and thoughts in a new direction.  I believe the Lord is tell me we all have great intentions, dreams, desires, and goals, so the problem isn’t knowing what we want, the issue is “allowing”  God to bless us with these things.  Too often we become the pursurer of what we want instead of becoming a pursurer of God, who declares, seek ME first and I will give us ALL things.  Even then, I believe our own fearful and doubtful mind patterns get in the way of receiving what He has for us. In light of this new insight, I rewrote those intentions in the last post to represent what I believe we need even more, to allow God to bless us.  I am hoping to write more on this later but here is my new list.  Pick out those what resonant with your spirit and let them become your daily mantra, shutting out all thoughts of doubt, fear, and  negativity.

  • I allow myself to have a great day.
  • I allow myself   to have a blessed day.
  • I allow myself to have a prosperous day.
  • Today I am one step closer to fulfilling my purpose.
  • Today I am one step closer to manifesting the desires of my heart.
  • Today, I am one step closer to being the woman (or man) God created me to be.
  • I allow myself to receive all the knowledge and wisdom I need to succeed.
  • I allow myself to walk by faith.
  • I allow myself to give every care over to God, Abba Father.
  • I allow myself to trust God to meet all my needs.
  • I allow myself to trust God beyond what I can see with my natural eyes.
  • I allow myself to let go of the past, opening the door to new wonderful opportunities.
  • I allow myself to be surrounded by my guardian angels who assist me and keep me safe.
  • I allow myself to be inspired and led by the Holy Spirit.
  • I allow myself to possess the land that God has prepared for me.
  • I allow myself to speak words that inspire others.
  • I allow myself to being a healing light to the world.
  • I allow myself to forgive myself and others for not living up to my expectations.
  • I allow myself to release fear and doubt and with courage pursue my dreams and desires.
  • I allow myself to not pass judgment but to except others as they are.
  • I allow myself to love others just as Christ loves the church.
  • I allow myself to be lead by God’s spirit in everything I do.
  • I allow myself to pray for, ask, and believe for what I want.
  • I allow myself to eliminate busyness and everything that interferes with my purpose and intentions for this day.
  • I allow myself to be grateful for all God has blessed me with.
  • I allow myself to attract wealth, abundance, and prosperity wherever I go.
  • I allow myself to release all worry, fear, anxiety, and anything that stands in the way of love, joy, peace, and prosperity flowing freely in my life.
  • I allow myself to honor my body as the holy temple that it is.
  • I allow myself to posses God’s peace that passes all understanding.
  • I allow myself to maintain a life of balance and wholeness.
  • I allow myself to plan my day and use my time with the greatest efficiency.
  • I allow God’s love to flow through me to others.
  • I allow God’s love to transform me from the inside out.
  • I allow God’s love to cast out all fear and doubt in my life.
  • I allow God’s peace to fill my heart and reservoir to overflowing.

Don’t see a statement that fits your situation, write your own. In what areas are you not allowing God to bless you?  Maybe it’s in your marriage, your desire for a mate, or more abundance. By allowing, we stop pursuring it for ourselves, we eliminate fear-based thinking and actions, and we rest in God, trusting and having  faith in Him to give us the desires of our heart.

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