How Do You Know When God is Speaking To You?

Question: How do you know when God is speaking to you?

Answer: God speaks to his children in various ways. He speaks to us through the Bible or the Word of  God.  Often times, meditating upon God’s word will bring enlightenment and wisdom.  God’s words are alive, powerful, and transformative.

God  may  also speak to us through others.  Many Christians may have gone through similiar circumstances or experiences and have insight that can help you.  God will even send people your way at just the right time to give you a word regarding your situation.  God also speaks to us through the power of the Holy Spirit. When the Holy Spirit comes upon us, he will infill us with his wisdom, knowledge, and power. Oftentimes without any words, we will just have a knowing or an unction  in our heart. For example, you may feel a desire to give something to someone to bless them or phone a friend that has been on your mind.

God also speaks to us in a still small voice.  This can also be a knowing, an unction, or a word(s) that penetrate our spirit.  Many times these words just seem to come from nowhere but they are relevant to your situation. God spoke to me one time in a busy restaurant. It was not audible but it was very loud, He said, “Rhonda what are you doing here?”

I believe that the more we can clear our hearts and mind from worry, fear, and constant chatter or daydreaming, that we create an environment in our hearts and mind to hear God more clearly.

Begin to follow the words or impressions that God’s spirit puts on your heart, especially those that require faith.  If you can’t hear God speaking to you through the methods above, begin to spend some time  in silence, solitude, and Christian meditation, to prepare your mind to be more open to communicating with the Lord.

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