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Welcome to My New Blog for The Christian Meditator that focuses on Christian meditation and spiritual growth.

If God said that He seeks those that worship Him in spirit and truth, why do so many Christians try to embrace God only from a mental or psychological perspective?It is only through the spirit of God that we know or understand the things of God. Therefore, if we really want a deeper relationship with Christ, we must connect on a spiritual level. Nourishing Your Spirit Blog is dedicated to the simple yet important habits, rituals, and spiritual disciplines that keep us balanced, creative, healthy, whole, and that feed our spirit so we can know and experience God in a thriving and meaningful way.These are those practices that get pushed to the side for the urgent, but without them we eventually become barren and vanquished. Please subscribe to this blog’s  RSS feed and join me frequently for lessons on keeping your spirit, body and soul nourished and alive.

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  1. I tried several times but was unable to download the free abundance meditation in your site. Could you check the link please? I would love to be able to listen to the meditation. Thanks and I am enjoying browsing your site!

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