When Is the Best Time to Meditate?

Question: When is the best time to meditate?

Answer: The very best time to meditate or spend time with God is when you FIRST wake up in the morning.  I try to make my time with God the very first thing I do before I get preoccupied with other tasks.  Once you start your day it is very difficult to stop and be still.  If you can’t meditate first thing in the morning, then I would encourage you to select a meditation time each day and then stick to it. You may decide that between 10-10:30 am or 6-6:30p.m.  you will begin your meditation practice. Make meditation a “must” and not a “should” to encourage you to keep the practice.

One of the reasons to meditate in the morning is that our minds are often more peaceful and open to the spirit.  That means that you will be less distracted and can enter into God’s presence more quickly.  We are also giving God the first fruits of our day and we can expect him to lead and guide us through it. Also, meditating gets us centered in Christ, so we will make better decisions throughout the day and not be pulled into urgent or distracting activities.

I know many Christians think that meditating 30 minutes  every morning will steal time from our already busy day, but just like when we give of our finances, God has a way of giving us back so much more and multiplying it back  to us with increase.

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