God is Still Working Miracles!

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I just have to share this miracle that happened on my trip to Hawaii last week. My very good friend and I arrived in Honolulu, rented a car, and drove to the hotel. After taking our bags out of the car, my friend started frantically looking through his little wind-breaker jacket. I asked him what was wrong and he said he lost something. I said what did you lose and he said “money.” When I asked him how much, too my surprise, it was A LOT of money. Not the amount of money you wouldn’t carry around in a windbreaker unless they were traveler’s checks. It was the money he was going to use for the trip. 

Well to say the least, this was upsetting news. Then he told me while he was at baggage claim, (I was in the bathroom) that a man came up to him and asked him if he lost anything. Not realizing he had lost the money he said “No.” Now putting two and two together, this man probably found the money and was looking for the owner. My friend, needless to say was very upset. 

On the way up to our hotel rooms I told him that we were not going to let this ruin our trip. That God knew this was going to happen and that even if we have to do everything free, we are going to have a fabulous time. In fact, I said that I believed that our trip would be just as wonderful as if we had spent every penny that he lost. When we got to the room we actually prayed about the money and we were determined to let it go. I told my friend about a testimony I heard by Joel Osteen about a lady who had lost her expensive wedding ring at the beach only to step on it several days later in the sand. We declared that the devil intended this for evil but God would turn it around for our highest good. 

Well, I have to admit that my friend did a very good job of letting it go. I also encouraged him to check the lost and found at the airport because it sounded like the man who found the money might have turned it in since he was actually asking people about it. My friend called everyday, but only got a recording and no one even called him back. 

On our day of the departure, my friend said he was going to try one last time. He asked someone how to get to Lost and Found and they told him it was about 49 gates away. I waited at our gate while he walked down there.  He returned about 20 minutes later saying that no one was there and that everyone kept giving him the run around. They even gave him the same phone number that he had been calling all week with no avail. 

We had about 20 minutes to board the plane and my friend said he wanted to get something from Starbucks but thought he didn’t have time. I said, sure you do, so we walked down to Starbucks and waited in the line. We got our drinks and were walking out of the coffee shop when my friend spotted the man who had asked him if he had lost anything the day we arrived at the airport. He was standing in the same Starbucks line!!! My friend told him that he had lost the money and the man said that he turned the money in. In fact, he gave us the name of the airline’s general manager. Then he went with us to the airline desks and told what had happened and the airline took all my friend’s information and told him they would mail him a check for the amount of the money he lost. 

The general manager was so elated that the man was honest and turned the money in that she had given him a free flight and upgraded it as well. The man said that he had no intention of keeping that money because he didn’t want that kind of karma coming back to haunt him. 

So what can I say, we had the best trip ever and God still gave my friend the money back. In fact, I don’t think the trip could have been any better if we had had it. We learned two lessons, 1) Please don’t put large sums of money in wind-breakers! 2) Have faith in God and He will see you through. My friend was so excited, and so was I, that we just couldn’t stop talking about it.  All I have to say is, “Look at God!” 

Praise God for miracles because this truly was one! Thank you Jesus!

3 thoughts on “God is Still Working Miracles!”

  1. Hi Kari, Thanks for sharing. Yes, just because we pray doesn’t mean thing will turn out how we hope, but God still says he will turn it around for our highest good. I pray and believe that the Lord will bless you many times over in other ways that you can’t imagine. I really had no expectations about my friend getting the money back, so it was a wonderful surprise and testimony when he did. In good or bad circumstances it’s comforting to know that He is still on the throne. It’s all his anyway.

  2. A couple weeks ago I lost my wallet which had a significant amount of money in it. I panicked at first and then made myself sit down, take some deep breaths and pray. I kept pretty calm and went back to check to see if anyone had turned in my wallet at the store but no luck. My story doesn’t turn out like your friends, but I will say that I just prayed that whoever found my wallet, would be blessed and hopefully they needed it more than I did. At that moment I decided to sow it as a seed into the Kingdom of God and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal Christ to the persons heart!

  3. Peggy Edgerly

    Wow, GOD is awesome!!!! I truly appreciate you sharing this story. In this day and age we really need to know that there are still some honest people in this world, thanks Rhonda.

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