Are You Giving God the First Fruits of Your Day?

by Rhonda Jones

If you aren't giving God the First Fruits of your day. You could be missing out on some blessings. #datewithgod you aren’t giving God the first fruits of your day, you could be missing out on some blessings. God desires fellowship with his children. God says in the Jeremiah 29:13, “You will seek me and find me when you search for me with all your heart.” I created A Date with God for this very purpose. To help believers seek God with their heart and not just their minds.

A Date with God Instructional Book and Journal guides you through 10 simple steps that will turn your devotional time with God into a daily power hour and create a more intimate and powerful relationship with Him.

The Date with God Steps include:

Step #1- Set an intention for your time with God.
Step # 2- Check in with God on how you feel or what’s going on in your life.
Step #3 – Read your favorite daily devotional
Step #4- Meditate on a portion o God’s Word.
Step #5- Dwell in God’s presence through guided or silent meditation.
Step #6- Record your prayer request.
Step #7- Pray to God in the Spirit and with your understanding.
Step # 8- Tell God what you are thankful for (Gratitude).
Step # 9 – Read your Daily Declaration, Mission Statement or Faith it Forward.
Step #10 – Closing Prayer.

There are also many ideas on how you can extend your Date with God if you want to have a mini-retreat with Him. The Date with God Instructional Guide tells you why spending time with God is so important to building your faith and keeping you strong in the Lord. Each step if fully explained with lots of examples. The Date with God Journal gives you a place to write down and record all of the Date with God steps above. It also includes a Daily Scheduler and many organizational forms for listing your short and long term goals, projects management, and more.

Once you’ve gone through all the Date with God steps, you’ll literally feel renewed, cleansed, and closer to the Lord. A Date with God will transform your life and your relationship with God forever.

Don’t allow busyness and the things of this world to squeeze out the time you spend with the God. Jesus told us to watch and pray, abide in Him, and to cast all of our cares upon him. If we are going to survive these last days we need all of the power of the Holy Spirit we can get. We must increase so that God can increase in us and that comes from spending time with God in his presence.

If you’ve been looking for a deeper and more fulfilling relationship with the Lord or even just to enhance your quiet time with Him, you’ll want to give a A Date with God close consideration.

Be sure to check out the Date with God Devotional Video, available for Free on you tube.

Learn more about A Date with God Devotional Set, by Clicking Here.



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  1. This is great! Sometimes people need a model to personalize their own personal time with God. Thanks for the information! God bless!

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