Dialogue with God

Dialogue with God

by Joes Herrera

”Holy Spirit what do you want to say to me about the sermon I have just heard “The Holy Spirit: The Unseen Partner”? What truth would you like to reveal to me?

(I had just watched a sermon about the Holy Spirit and the scriptures that we read were Jeremiah 29:11-14a & Ephesians 2:10; 3:1-9. So I quietly sat outside in my enclosed porch meditating on Jesus with eyes closed and taking in the slight cool breezeand as I started to prayerfully seek the LordI saw him with the eyes of my heart sitting next to me looking at the little pond holding my hand. He gently held my hand and I felt just like a little kid next to him. I asked him the question above and he answered.):

His Whispered Response:

“He is your friend, he is your comforter. He will guide you, guide you to all truth. He wants to talk with you, share with you all mysteries, secrets and plans. He desires all good things for you and your loved ones.”

“He is here for you. A Gift. The promise my Father has released to you. Through him is how we commune. Welcome him. Embrace him. Speak with him daily, moment by moment. Don’t reject or ignore him. Sense him, love him. Be one with him. Take his hand and let him guide you, show you the path of where you should go.”

“He is your source of inspiration your wind of air, your breath. He is the one living with you, in you, and around you. You are speaking through him, that’s how we are able to commune. Enlightenment comes because of him. He is here. He is fused with you, inseparable from you. You sense him right now. A deepening. Your perception is awakened when you are in him, flowing through him, and allowing him to flow through you.”

My Second Question:
How does he impart revelation knowledge to me?

His Whispered Response:

“Just ask him and he will teach you. He will guide you into all truth. Ask him like a little boy, a little child and he will show you truth.”

“Continue to practice with him, even with small daily things. Ask him, he will answer.”

“Let him flow like the body of water that’s right before you.”

(At the time I heard and sensed this word I was literally gazing at the small pond in front of my back yard porch.)

His Whispered Response:

“Use the image that God has placed right before you. Use it, you relate well with it.”

My Thanks:
I love you Jesus and thank you for sharing!
Your Son

Jose Herrera grew up in New York, but now calls Florida home. He is happily married to his much better half Vanessa and they have 6 wonderful children. Jose is also a Professional actor for both Christian and secular markets. You may reach him at: veejoe7@yahoo.com <mailto:veejoe7@yahoo.com> or view www.247cast.com/jherrera <http://www.247cast.com/jherrera>

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