If I Use the Law of Attraction, Am I Forcing Things to Happen?

law of attraction

I love the law of attraction and believe it to be a very powerful tool, but it is not like a genie in a bottle. You cannot claim or wish for something and think it will happen right away; however, you can use the law of attraction to create intentions for your life and as these intentions begin to grow and develop, everything you need to make your intentions become a reality will begin to flow to you easily and effortlessly.

So for example, you want to start a specific business but instead of just randomly letting the business develop, you decide you’re going to create this business using the law of attraction. First, you set the intention for your business. For example, “I am the new owner of … and my business will…

Secondly, using your intention, write down exactly how you see your business in your mind. Using many details write down how one area of your business will unfold or operate. You can even create (write about) your ideal business day.

Next, spend some time each day visualizing yourself moving through these very motions as mental pictures or mind movies. You can do this with all aspects of the business. Don’t leave anything to chance.

I have a Manifesting Journal that is broken down by the key areas in my life: health, business, family and friends, love life, my ideal days, etc. In each section, I have created detailed stories for how I want my life to unfold in these areas. I also have a manifesting meditation that I created and each day during my Spirit Care Morning Routine, I will pick one of my topics and visualize it happening in my mind as if I already have it. I can tell you that this really works. I have manifested many things using this method.

The goal with the law of attraction is not to claim something and see it happen instantaneously (not saying that can’t happen) but to rehearse it in your mind so many times that you REALLY KNOW it will happen, because in the spirit it already has (over and over). Once you are convinced of it, it’s only a matter of time before it will manifest itself. As you do, you move closer and closer to your vision and it becomes your reality, but not by a magic formula.

Don’t get hung up on time either. The Bible says that with faith and patience we manifest/inherit the promise (our personal promise land). It’s all about loving the journey you’re on and not getting too hung up on the outcome. It’s fun seeing what shows up in your life and the little signs that are directing you towards manifesting your intention (a phone call, a random meeting, a picture in a magazine, an inner urge to do something). Be always on the lookout for these. Once you achieve what you desire, to stay happy and at peace, you’ll still have to embrace the joy of each moment and ward off fear and doubt.

I love that the Bible says that God’s words cannot return void and we are made in God’s image. We are co-creator with God and through the power of Jesus words all things were created and maintained. We don’t realize the power that we have, but it must be channeled.

I came to the realization that I wanted to create my life and not let my life happen to me and I began using these tools to first create my life in the spiritual realm first, as everything first begins in the imagination. The scriptures say speak those things that be not as though they were.

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So to answer your question, no it is not forcing, it is creating what you want. I always live by the disclaimer that if God has something better for me, I will follow His lead as he knows best, so it’s a win-win situation all around.

One last caution, instead of just wanting and claiming many things that the world tells you will bring happiness (cars, money, big homes), go inward and find what will bring you real peace, purpose, and fulfillment, it is not outside of you. Not sure where to start, ask God, and then get still so you can listen. Also, I would establish a daily meditation practice to help you with this.

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