You Already Have Everything You Need to Succeed

babyHow can you change what you believe when the experiences you have had has convinced you otherwise? The simple answer to that is to create a new experience. The best way for you to get that new experience is to meditate about how you can change the way you respond to what happens. The new response will create new results, which you will then experience it as a new reality.

To reach your goal of peace, joy, and contentment, you have to act as though the following statement is true: Everything that happens to me is the best possible thing that can happen to me or as the Bible states, “God is working out all things for my highest good.” Meditating on God as well as the scriptures may not turn a bad situation into a good one right way, but it will change how you see and react to it, thus planting the seed for change. Acting as though what happens to you is the best possible thing that can happen to you often results in surrendering everything to God which creates  peace and joy  in your life.

When you are convinced of the truth that “all things are working together for your highest good”, life will begin to be more like an adventure.  With each new road of uncertainty, you can wonder, “What will God do next?” It is like opening the door to  new opportunities because you are not fixated on one outcome.  When we think something must happen a certain way, we can block the move of God in our situation.  Jesus said in the gospel that he could not do many mighty works  in the town he grew up in because of their unbelief.  To them, Jesus was not the savior, but just a carpenter’s son.  Therefore, when you are meditating on God or abiding in his presence, declare in your spirit that all is well and know that everything is working out for your best and the best of those around you.  God wants to give you the desires of your heart, but don’t block his blessings by meditating on fear and unbelief instead of trust and sufficiency.   As a man thinks  in his heart, so is he. You have to remember also that unhappiness is also out there, waiting just for you as well.

I am so fascinated with the concept of seed time and harvest.  One little seed contains all the genetic coding to create that which it is intended to create.  You can’t see it, but it’s there.  Likewise, one little embroyo also contains everything it will need to make a human-being. Those cells which are invisible at first just keep multiplying and multiplying and then form into arms, legs, the brain, every organ of the body and when that baby is born, it just continues to grow as God would fashion it. This is so amazing when you think about it.

Now just think about this in a spiritual sense. If God created the genetic code that would make a human being and everything else in the universe, don’t you think He  also created the spiritual code, path, purpose, vision, essence, or whatever you want to call it for our spiritual lives? By that, God doesn’t have us just wandering in the dark,  He has a clear path for our lives. The Bibles says that everything came from nothing, however before anything can be manifested there must be an intent for it to come forth.  Right?  Unless you want or ask for something there is no force of energy to create it.  But the moment you create the desire and the intent followed by action, you are in the process of creating the very thing you desire. And guess what? Just like the genetic code, all of the spiritual code you need is already available and will show up just when you need it.  The Bibles says that God has give us “everything” we need for a life of holiness and completion. When Jesus said “it is finished,” He meant, it’s complete; I don’t need to add anything more.  The code has already been written. We just need to call it forth.

Therefore,  it is not necessary to have all the ingredients of a project in hand at the outset. They will come at the appointed time. It’s only important that you move forward with the project that you have started until that appointed time comes. With the energy you create through faith and intention and  by moving forward as if you had the money or any other resource you need  to start your project, you actually put into motion a start of events that will lead you to your success.

Your actions create an energy that draws in the necessary ingredients of your project you have ventured into. Everything that you need for your venture is, in actuality, already out there, waiting for you.You only need to draw in what is needed. There is really nothing more to all of this other than just you remembering to keep an open mind, pay attention to God’s leading, wait for God’s guidance,  and embrace the peace and patience that is already inside of you.

Christian  meditation helps you to do this by clearing out the fears and doubts that keep you focused on your limited abilities and what you have.  “Oh, I couldn’t possible do this or that, I just don’t have the money or the talent.”  Your faith in God is all the revenue you need.  Just step out and let God do the rest.

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