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Membership Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconMeditations aren’t loading. What should I do?

    It may take a minute for all the meditations to load. Please be patient.

  • q-iconCan I download the meditations?

    The downloads are not available for download. That is how I keep the prices low. The membership will give you the ability to listen to a wide variety of recordings and should you desire a downloaded copy, you can purchase with confidence.

  • q-iconHow do I cancel my membership?

    You can cancel your membership at any time. If you are doing the 3-day or 7 day trial just cancel before the 3rd and 7th day and you will not be charged.

    You can cancel subscription to the bundle/product when you cancel your account  or just cancel the bundle subscription on the My Account page under the “Subscriptions” area. Here is what that would look like:


  • q-iconCan I request a meditation I’d like to see included in the library?

    Yes of course. I would like to add new meditations to the Listen Library regularly. If you would like to suggest a topic or title, please send me an email.

  • q-iconWhy are the Listen to Lessons recorded in someone else’s voice?

    The Listen to Lessons are recorded in a computer generated voice. My goal is to record in my own voice but with so many lessons that could take some time. I didn’t want to delay launching the course and this was the next best method.  I have taken many online courses and really appreciated having an option to listen to lessons as opposed to reading them all, especially if they were lengthy. I wanted to provide that option to you as well. You are welcomed to read the lessons if the voice is not pleasant to you.

  • q-iconCan I share my membership with others?

    In the terms and conditions box during checkout, you agreed that you would not share the membership anyone except members in your immediate family. That means giving others access through the sharing of logins and passcodes.  If you are enjoying the product(s), I hope that you will encourage others to sign for their own membership to share in this experience and learning opportunity with you.

  • q-iconHow should I use the meditations and affirmations (Listening Library)?

    Please refer to the Quick Start Guide in the member’s area for instructions on how to use the audios for greatest benefits.

  • q-iconWhen Can I Start the Abiding in Christ Course?

    When you enroll on the Abiding in Christ Christian Meditation online training you will have immediate access to a private member area where your training materials will be delivered. You can start the course any time, there is no pressure.

  • q-iconWhat if I need additional support?


    You’ll have access a private Facebook group,  trainer support via our help desk and live Q and A sessions. You will also be given the opportunity to join a monthly group meditation F & Q conference calls.

  • q-iconDoes the course include guided Christian meditations?

    You will be meditating from Day 1, accessing deep states of relaxation almost immediately. Over a 10 week period you will receive progressive meditation instruction resulting in you developing the skills of a seasoned Christian meditator together with the ability to recognize and access mindful states of awareness.

  • q-iconWhy can’t I access all the modules in the course?

    Each week you will access to the next module of the course. You will need to finish the preceding modules before moving onto the next, as each lesson builds upon the prior one.

  • q-iconHow long will I have access to the Abiding in Christ Meditation course?

    You will have lifetime access to your training materials and can revisit the training whenever you wish. We always say it is best to stick to a regular daily habit of training but the course is completely flexible – you can restart the course if you need to any time.

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”26″ font_font=”Dancing%20Script”]I want to personally Thank You for investing in The Christian Meditator’s Listening Library. I trust it will be a Huge Contributor to you Drawing Closer to our Lord, Restoring Your Peace of Mind, and Promote the Healing you are seeking. I am honored to be able to take this journey with you. – Rhonda Jones




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