Abundantly Blessed Christian Meditation CD

Abundantly Blessed Christian Meditation CD

Abundantly Blessed Christian Meditation CD

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The ABUNDANTLY BLESSED meditation helps Christians stay focused on God as their source and sufficiency despite these tough and shaky economic times. This meditation helps Christians alleviate the worry and stresses that often accompany financial problems and also reinforces the need to trust and have faith in God instead of becoming overwhelmed by their circumstances. The meditation contains a progressive relaxation followed by a Biblical narrative that includes scripture affirmations, spiritual principles, and uplifting Bible passages set to calming and relaxing background music. You just find a comfortable place to sit or lie down where youl be free from distractions, close your eyes, and let the meditation calm your fears and restore your peace of mind. Christians often respond to financial crisis just like the rest of the world. In theory, we know that the Bible tells us ot to worryand that we should possess the peace that passes all understanding,but that is easier said than done. Wee actually programmed to worry when things go wrong.

Rhonda, I have to let you know that you are a true inspiration for us Christians. I have wanted to use meditation for quite some time to help stress, and came across your wonderful site through You Tube. It has been such a blessing. May God continue to bless you and your business. The “Abundantly Blessed” download has given me such peace while going through lack of money and a job right now. God bless you always.”- Suzie


My husband and I have just implemented a “power hour” each morning in order to deal with the stress of our lives. We’re both full commission real estate agents in the Detroit area. With our state economy riding on the auto industry, to say that we’re stressed out right now is such an understatement. Two weeks ago, I was actually contemplating getting medication just to help me cope. We’re both very strong believers and I really wanted to give God the glory for working my anxiety out. I found lots of guided meditation but either they were too short to really do me any good or they took me into eastern elements that distracted my meditation.

“Thank you for this ministry you have. We appreciate so much the wonderful guided meditation. We’ve sat with you three mornings so far while your voice has led us straight through the turmoil and into the calm!

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