Christian Versus New Age? 10 Questions to Ask.

Christian Versus New Age? With more and more people practicing meditation to alleviate stress and maintain peace of mind, it is important to be clear of the distinctions between Christian meditation versus other traditional forms of meditation. While almost all meditation techniques provide physical and mental benefits, as Christians, we cannot be ignorant of the […]

Divine Healing & Becoming a Generous Giver CD

  CD- $19.95 Add to Cart MP3s – $9.95 Control Negative thoughts MP3 Quieting a Restless Mind MP3   The DIVINE HEALING & BECOMING A GENEROUS GIVER Meditations begin with a progressive relaxation followed by biblical narrative and relaxing music. DIVINE HEALING: Jesus said that he has bore our sickness and healed our disease. Our […]

Christian Meditation Myths to Avoid

  Debunking Christian Meditation Myths Recent scientific research indicates that meditation reduces stress, increases creativity, improves cognitive function, reduces heart disease, and improves health. In fact, in 2012 study, patients with coronary heart disease were placed in a health and wellness education class or given instruction in meditation. Those in the meditation group not only […]

Christian Meditation In the Life of Today’s Believer?

Christian Meditation: What is it? In the simplest terms, Christian Meditation is “Being with God.” It is dwelling in his presence. It is coming and sitting before God without an agenda; it is simply being with God for the mere pleasure of being with God. That sounds simple enough, right? But some thing gets in […]

Why Just Sermon a Sermon is Not Enough?

How many times have you heard an excellent sermon or message that inspired you to make some changes  in your life, but within a matter of weeks you were back to your old habits and routine? Kind of like those New Year’s Resolutions! The Bible says, you can’t put new wine into old wine bottles or you’ll ruin the […]

Christian Meditation Retreats

Christian Meditation Retreats Retreat July  Web

[spacer size=”80″] [note color=”#a4c3ef”] Join or host a Christian Meditation retreat or workshop. Please join the mailing list for upcoming Christian meditation retreats, workshops,  and other  events. If you live in the Sacramento area and are interested in Christ-centered yoga, please visit my local site at  Rhonda is also available to host or facilitate […]

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