Christian Meditation Courses, Classes, Books, & More

Enjoy a variety of Christian meditation courses and books to help you renew your mind and deepen your relationship with God.  The Bibles says “In quietness and confidence is our strength.”  Our strength comes from abiding in Christ and his word. These products will help you to purify your heart and rid it from everything standing in the way of God’s light and love.

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  • Deepen your relationship with God?
  • Change Your Life in Some Way?
  • Eliminate Negative Thinking? Restore Your Peace of Mind?
  • Relax More and Reduce Stress?
  • Follow Your Heart and Live with More Authenticity?
  • Live with More Power, Focus, and Purpose?

If so, we have put together a list of products that promote all                                                                               the above and at extremely affordable prices.

Check them out:

10-Week Online Christian Meditation Course- Coming Soon!


  • Establish a consistent meditation practice?
  • Learn how to meditate correctly?
  • Share you experience with other like-minded individuals?
  • Get all your questions answered about Christian meditation?
  • Learn a variety of techniques to de-stress, control negative thoughts, and release toxic emotions?

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Coming Soon! The Christian Meditator's Listening Library

 christian meditation library


  •  Exclusive Access to Over 50 Christian Meditation and Affirmation Recordings with More Being Added!
  • Enhance your Quiet Time: Use guided meditations to enhance your quiet time with God.
  • Choose From a Variety of Topics: Find meditations and affirmations  to help you work through a variety of situations and circumstances.
  • Play Them 24/7 From a Variety of Devices or Platforms.
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Get Away with God Christian Meditation Weekends and Retreats

christian meditation retreats

Check out our upcoming Christian Meditation Retreats!

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Help Me God Change My Life Personal Development Program

Need a life makeover? Check out Help Me God Change My Life

  • Transform your life in seven key areas.
  • Rid your mind of toxic attitudes and beliefs related to fear, negativity, anger, insecurity and self-doubt.
  • Developing a closer, more intimate relationship with God.
  • Cleansing and healing your physical body from the inside out.
  • Clearing your environment and surroundings.

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Create a Daily Power Hour with The Date with God Devotional Set

A Date with God Devotional


  •  Start your day refreshed and renewed.
  • Clear away any negative thoughts or limiting beliefs standing in the way of your progress.
  • Reconnect with God for strength and direction.
  • Begin each day with a focused plan of action.
  • Find usual tools to help you reach your desires and goals.
  • And Much More!
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Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life


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