How Christian Meditation Can Promote Inner Healing - Discover the Healing Power of Christian Meditation

How Christian Meditation Can Promote Inner Healing

christian meditation and inner healing

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Do You Need Inner Healing?

Find out now! Take our quick assessment.


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You’ll need pen and paper. Answer yes or no to the following questions.

  1. I often feel stuck in a rut.
  2. I seem to relive similar patterns in my life.
  3. I continue to live with regrets and pains from my past.
  4. I haven’t forgiven myself for past decisions.
  5. I sometimes keep busy to distract myself from painful memories or feelings.
  6. I feel something just isn’t right in my life but I can’t put my finger on it.
  7. I have frequent mood swings.
  8. I have low self-esteem.
  9. I sometimes feel a deep emptiness in my heart.
  10. I often feel disconnected from life and others.



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[op_liveeditor_element data-style=””][text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”16″]Tally up how many questions you answered yes to. Get your results below:

If you answered “Yes” to 1-3 questions: You enjoy mental and emotional health and well-being. You’ve worked through many of your past hurts and pains without allowing them to negatively impact your life. Having a spiritual tool box will help you to quickly process and release any new toxic thoughts or emotions that present themselves. A daily quiet time with God can also deepen your intimacy with Christ. I’d recommend any of my Christian meditation discounted bundles or my upcoming Listening Library.


If you  answered “Yes” to 4-7 questions:

You struggle from some sub-conscious, even conscious, wounds that are standing in the way of you experiencing complete freedom in Christ. Over the years, instead of dealing with scary or uncomfortable issues, you minimized them or bushed them aside. Unfortunately, until you own them and give them a proper burial, they will continue to resurface again and again. It just takes the right triggers to bring them out of hiding. Christian meditation along with other tools can help you confront these skeletons with confidence and courage, so you can heal these areas in your life and move forward. I would consider my Help Me God Change My Life Program or my upcoming 10-Week Abiding in Christ Christian Meditation Program.


If you answered “Yes” to 8-10 questions:

Past wounds and hurts are probably significantly impacting your life. You probably find that you are playing out the same roles or scenarios time and time again, different actors but the same plot. You may even consider yourself the victim. You often feel stuck and may suffer from severe mood swings and find it hard to cope. You may also be experiencing a chronic illness, as our mental health can directly affect our physical health. A good therapist can help you uncover hidden wounds that need attention. Christian meditation can complement any course of action that you take as you find healing and forgiveness of yourself and others. I would recommend my Help Me God Change My Life Program as well as my upcoming 10-Week Abiding in Christ Christian Meditation that includes my Inner Healing Module. [/text_block][/op_liveeditor_element]


How Christian Meditation Promotes Inner Healing

christian meditation and inner healing

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How Christian Meditation Promotes Inner Healing

Did you know that most of our mindsets and perspectives on life are en-grained by the time we are 6-years-old? It’s true. While in our formative years we are like little sponges, we take in EVERYTHING. Unlike adults, we don’t have filters or boundaries that protect us from situations or people that can hurt us mentally or emotionally. As we grow older, because we were not able to release these fears, pains, or phobias, we learn coping mechanisms. These pains never really went away, we just learned great ways to bury them or hid them away. However, all we need is the right trigger and those fears and toxic emotions come flooding back with a vengeance.

I’m sure you know people who just seem angry all the time. In fact, one of my 4th grade students is like that. She is ALWAYS angry and getting in confrontations about something. Do you think that behavior is going to go away when she is an adult? Not unless she learns how to release it in a healthy way that doesn’t hurt others.  Learning how to release inner hurts and pains is imperative to our spiritual growth and personal development. We really can’t grow beyond our unconscious feelings about life, ourselves, and others when we are wounded. We are not free to explore, take risks, and be vulnerable. Instead people with inner hurts tend to protect themselves at all cost. They won’t let others (even God) really in, but in the end they are hurting themselves and can end up lonely and full of despair.

During Christian meditation, just like observing our thoughts, as we become still before the Lord, these pains or memories may begin to surface. That can be really scary. Sometimes when that happens you might feel like you’re going to die or have a panic attack. This is one of the main reasons people don’t like dealing with their “stuff,” so they stay distracted instead. Those who experienced severe trauma often try to dull out their pain with food, drugs, or other destructive behaviors. They don’t want to feel. But what you can “feel” you can “heal.” Therefore, feeling the pain and seeing that you won’t die is a good thing. In fact, you’ll feel it in all its intensity and notice that it begins to fade away. I’m not saying that you can deal with all past hurts or traumas all by yourself but this coupled with a good Christian therapist or even friend can work wonders to gain your freedom again, if you are really struggling. Also, I want to let you know that healing is a process. You can’t expect to meditation one, three, or five times and be completely cured. However, if you are consistent, the results will really sneak up on you.

For inner healing, I have an inner healing mini-course and meditation available. In this meditation you are actually going back to a time in your childhood while having an encounter with Christ. It is a very powerful meditation that will promote inner healing. In addition, a releasing the past meditation, in loving memory, or any other where you spend time in God’s presence can be helpful.[/text_block][/op_liveeditor_element]


Enjoy a Few Moments of Controlling Negative Thoughts Christian Meditation

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Biblical Meditation Works to Restore Peace of Mind By Helping Us To:

  1. Become an observer of our minds.
  2. Learn to take authority over our thought life.
  3. Reduce internal and external distractions.
  4. Overcome compulsive thinking that leads to compulsive behaviors.
  5. Win the battle over our mind.
  6. Squash every thought that exalts itself against God’s Word.
  7. Stop striving and trust God.
  8. Break the cycle of urgency and busyness.
  9. Get our attention back on God.
  10. Hide God’s Word in our heart.
  11. Gain greater discipline.
  12. Learn to live in the present moment.


Discover the Healing Power of Christian Meditation
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