Achieving and Keeping a Right Mind-Set

  Guest Writer: Stephanie Reck   This is not an article on how to teach you how to think positive as secular psychologists or as new age thinking would, but how to keep a right mind-set through the truth in the Word of God. So many Christians are living pessimistic, defeated, and negative lives. God wants […]

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Guarding Your Thoughts and Cultivating the Mind of Christ

Guest writer: Olusegun Akande God built success into your being when He created you; He packaged your life for excellence at the beginning. I believe no one can hinder your destiny if you can take control of one thing – your thoughts. While taking his son through life lessons, Solomon emphatically warned his son to guard […]

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8 Simple But Effective Tips to Bust a Bad Mood

In today’s hustle and bustle world, there comes a time where everyone gets put in a bad mood. Whether you wake up in a bad mood or someone causes you to be in one, the idea of being in a bad mood is inevitable. In reality, you can’t stop taking care of business because you […]

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Christian Depression Help for the Weary

Christian depression is becoming more and more commonplace. Each year more than 21 million Americans, many of them Christians, are diagnosed with depression. If depression runs in your family tree, you have a greater tendency to experience depression at some time in your life. Depression is generally triggered by a crisis or loss in our […]

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The Battle of Every Believer

I began to study and see what the scriptures said about our minds. When we come to Christ, we think that we’re going to be instantly transformed to this new creation in Christ. We believe that many of our habits and problems are going to just disappear. Well God does work miracles, but for many of us, once the […]

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How Your Thoughts Effect Your Health

by Ann Musico A terminal cancer patient is told he has days to live.  He learns of an experimental drug and insists on participating in the trial.  His doctor reluctantly agrees.   His tumors shrink and he is discharged.  Several months later he learns that research has shown the drug to be ineffective.  Within days his […]

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Journey of Loss (Miscarriage)

by Heather Sargent ”On May 15, 2000, I thought I might literally die from heartache. I threw myself onto the bed and sobbed until my sides cramped and I couldn’t breathe. My husband ran to the room, desperate to know what had happened. I was crying so hard I could not form any words. One […]

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How to Break Free From Negative Thoughts

A mind that is filled with negative thoughts is like a dark cave that limits positive and faith-filled thoughts from entering in. Having a chronically negative thought life is a mental mindset that focuses more on what is wrong, than all that is right in our life.

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Don’t Change Your Circumstances, Change Your Heart: Rooting Out Restlessness

Whenever I go through periods of restlessness, inner turmoil or anxiety, it’s not time to go outer but to go inner. Through being still, quiet contemplation, and Christian meditation, I take time to look inside my heart to see what’s pulling or motivating me away from my center in Christ.