Get Belly Fat Cure Shopping List for Easy Meal Planning

Belly Fat Cure Shopping List for Easier Meal Planning

Get Belly Fat Cure Shopping List
Get the Belly Fat Cure Shopping List

Important Note About Belly Fat Diet: At one time I was a proponent of the Belly Fat Diet and that is why I have information listed on this website. However, with further research and study, I believe that Dr. Fuhrman’s Eat for Health and Eat to Live Program offers a superior program for weight loss, optimal health and losing stubborn fat.  The Belly Fat Diet includes high percentages of protein and fats, but discourages fruits and includes limited amounts of micronutrient foods.  It also does not have a meal plan for vegetarians or those who want to include more fruits and vegetables in their diet. These recipes may help with reducing belly fat, but may not promote long term health. I just want to encourage you to take a look at the Eat for Health Program as a better alternative. Please read my article, Why You Should Become a Nutritarianand please watch the video at on the importance of eating nutrient dense foods.

Get Free Belly Fat Cure Shopping List

I recently purchased a copy of  The Belly Fat Cure by Jorge Cruise  that  teaches you why fat accumulates on our bellys and how to get rid of it.   Within a week of using the methods described in this book, which is almost 98% food based, it is possible that you can reduce as much as between four and nine pounds of fat.

The Belly Fat Cure  focuses on helping you to keep the levels of insulin in your body at acceptable levels by limiting the amount of  carbohydrates and  sugar you consume.

To reduce belly fat, Cruise suggests that we don’t eat more than  15 grams of sugar per day and no more tha 120 grams of carbohydrates.  Too much of carbs and sugar will cause a spike in blood sugar levels and they will  cause fat to stagnate in the stomach. I learned there is such a thing as false belly fat.

The Belly Fat Cure  helps you to considerably reduce your intake of processed carbs such as white breads, baked foods as well as pasta and candy. In limiting the intake of such foods, you can gain control over levels of hormones within your body.

The author also  recommends that you learn to consume more of beneficial fats as well as lean meats, while  cutting out fruit drinks as well as milk.

Besides a plan for eating, The Belly Fat Cure also emphasizes that you perform regular exercises and you must also learn to cut out stress from your life. If you follow these instructions, there is every reason to expect that this particular plan will provide you with desirable results and will help ensure that you look fitter and remain healthier.

Other highlights of The Belly Fat Cure is that the author creates five  meals plans that appeal to different types of eaters. There is the “carb lover,” “meat madness,” “sweet bites,” “quick and easy,” and”chicken and seafood.”  The menus include recipes for a full week, including snacks, and gives you recipes for each meal.

One drawback to the program is that there is no shopping list or guide for each meal plan. The first week I spent hours going back and forth to make a grocery list for the week. It was exhausting. In order to make it easier for me, and now you, I created a Belly Fat Cure Shopping List for each of the five meal plans that you can copy or download from my website. You will need to make adjustments in amounts depending upon the size of your family.

To read my pros and cons regarding The Belly Fat Cure and to copy or download The Belly Fat Cure Shopping List  for Easy Meal Planning, just click on the link.

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  1. Andrew A. Sailera

    Great article … going to give this a shot because before, the only thing that worked for me was starving myself!

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