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In quietness and confidence shall be your peace.- Isaiah 30:15

Why Consider Christian Meditation?

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What's the Number #1 Reason So Many Christians Are Dissatisfied with their Quiet Time with God?

I recently did a survey that told me that over 85% of Christians were not satisfied with their quiet time with God, yet 97% said it was essential to their Christian walk.  What do you think was at the top of the list?


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Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O Lord, my strength, and my redeemer. - Psalms 19:14

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What Makes Christian Meditation Different?

Biblical Meditation is different than traditional meditation in that believers are meditating on God, his presence, his glory, and his Word.

In today’s fast-paced, increasingly secular society, it’s harder than ever to be a Christ-like—not just to attend church and read His Word, but to truly live surrendered to Lord. We cannot truly grow spiritually or fulfill the great commission if our minds are constantly filled with distractions and mindless chatter. Because of this, it has become easier and easier for satan to weaken our lines of communication with God. Our souls always long for God, but as the world grows louder, our faith and our need for our Savior are drowned out by all the noise.

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Be still and know that I am God"- Psalms 46:10

"It was Christian meditation integrated with scripture that helped me overcome years of depression." - Rhonda Jones

I believe that life is not just about surviving and but thrivingHowever many years ago surviving was how I lived each day for a period of 4-years in which I suffered from a deep depression. I was a Christian at the time and did everything humanly possible to get relief.  I prayed that God would take this heaviness away. I would play praise music and dance around the room. I went and saw both secular and Christian counselors. I even took anti-depressants, but nothing worked for any lasting time. - The Christian Meditator

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What Customers Are Saying About The Christian Meditator!

“I have bought Cd’s for my parents, and often recommend them to hurting folks who are struggling with depression, anxiety, and in particular chronic pain. I get a positive response from everyone who has used them! They are a blessing indeed – as are the Christian Meditator emails and the Christian meditation website. Thanks, Rhonda!”

Dr. Deni Weber, PSY.D
Dr. Deni Weber, PSY.D Licensed Clinical Psychologist

“I love your CD’s and share them with friends whenever possible. I myself have wanted to make a CD like yours for a long time now. I even have a lot of text saved that I wanted to be on it. I am a firm believer in keeping control of your thought life. Mine was absolutely out of control for a very long time, and the ill effects were overwhelming and painful. It was like I lived in a separate world of despair and lies. I listen to “As I wake” every  morning, and protection, faith and joy affirmations every day. I can’t believe how big of a difference quoting and hearing God’s word each day has made in my life. I always knew that it would make a huge difference, I just never knew HOW to do it. The CD’s that I have on order with you right now are for my grandfather who is undergoing an important procedure on Wednesday and will need a strong thought life, full of Christ’s healing words. I plan to bring your CD’s and his CD player up to the hospital. If you happen to have these in stock with the relaxation portion on a separate track from the affirmations, I’d take those! Thank you for all you do. God Bless. ”


Thank you so much for these beautiful guided Christian meditations. As a long time member of a 12 step program I was introduced to God, then over time led by the Spirit to Christ. I came to realize that the meditation I had been doing, while surely helpful, was not what I needed as a born again Christian. So I stopped meditating. Lately, ...

T. Howard
T. Howard

Thank you for all you encouraging words and your testimonies.  It has truly been a blessing to me.  I’ve been up all night tonite listening to your Faith Affirmations and some other meditations and really began to click for me.  No matter how bad it appeared, I began to think bout scriptures like we fight not against flesh n blood but against principalities and powers in high places, I thought about Hosea in the bible that married Gomer and all he went through.  It seemed like he never uttered a word throughout his trials. I continued to think on examples, then I repeatedly listened to your Faith Affirmations, Secret Place Meditations and Marriage Affirmations and some of Affirmations really had great impact.  I started writing down all affirmations then told myself to meditate on ones effecting myself most.  Then I decided to use affirmations in like a contract with God concerning my marriage and my husband, using all affirmations to make marriage better.  I feel like I can do it and be more at peace. I hope u understand what I’m saying, ill do anything to get closer to God and my husband.  I’m praying that we can both be aligned with spirit if God.  I feel better right now.  God sent his annointing to me two nights ago to let me know that he was working on situation and sending his presence to assure me of what he was doing so I wouldn’t slip back into a negative behavior but hold firm to my faith and believe that God was working things out. Thank you,


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