When Jesus Speaks

by Lana Mowdy The words of Jesus have been spoken all over the world. They are typed in red in our bibles. They are our guidelines for living. The word of Christ is the message by which we are saved and hearing it strengthens our faith. “So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by […]

Dialogue with God

by Joes Herrera ”Holy Spirit what do you want to say to me about the sermon I have just heard “The Holy Spirit: The Unseen Partner”? What truth would you like to reveal to me? (I had just watched a sermon about the Holy Spirit and the scriptures that we read were Jeremiah 29:11-14a & […]

Speaking God’s Word Over Your Life and Circumstances

Speaking God’s Word Over Your Life and Circumstances speaking Gods Word

Life can hand us unfortunate events, but it’s up to us how we handle them. In this article, I explain the power of speaking God’s Word and how leaving your concerns with him can actually deepen your relationship with him and his Word.  Are You Speaking God’s Word Over Your Life? This morning I woke […]

How to Start Your Own Christian Meditation Prayer Group

To start a group, I simply contact a local church with an active social calendar and ask if you can teach a Christ-Centered Meditation course. Let attendees know that donations are welcomed and use the money to purchase additional resources for the group such as books and videos to show.  I have personally used the […]

What Does it Mean to Meditate on Christ?

What Does it Mean to Meditate on Christ? christianmeditationcdsdisplay

What Does It Mean to Meditate on Christ? Renew Your Mind Rejuvenate Your Walk with God Be Still and Know God in an Intimate and Personal Way Many Christians struggle with worry, anxiety, and fear. Negative thoughts steal their peace of mind and busyness prevents them from spending quality time with God. Studies prove that […]

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