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Christian Site Teaches Believers How to Meditate on God

Dear First Name,

If you are like me, you may have grown up thinking that meditation is something evil or ungodly, but that can’t be further from the truth.  Not only does the Bible encourage us to meditate on God, meditation has been medically proven to reduce stress, eliminate worry, and relieve the symptoms of 90% of all major diseases.

The great thing about this new site that I am going to share with you, (your hop-link) is that now Christians have the opportunity to meditate on God and dwell in his presence in a way that completely honors their faith.

Here are several scriptures that promote meditation in the Bible:

Psalms chapter 46:10, Be still and know that I am God.

Joshua 1:8, “Meditate on God’s word day and night.”

Psalms chapter 4: 4, “When you are in your beds, search your hearts and be silent.”

Isaiah 50:4, “He wakens me morning by morning, wakens my ear to listen like one being taught.”

Moses spent 40 days on the mountain abiding and learning from God (Exodus 34-35).

Paul received revelation and saw visions from heaven (2 Corinthians 12).John wrote visions that are recorded in the book of Revelations.

The Bible says even Jesus spent hours alone with God (Luke 5:16; Mark 1:35).

I believe that Christians who are opposed to Christ-centered meditation don’t really understand the practice and its benefits.

According to the creator of Christian Meditation and Relaxation (your hoplink), Rhonda Jones, “Our greatest inspirations and truths come during times of quietness, stillness, openness, and reflection- all components of meditation.”

Christian meditation encourages believers to be still before God so they can dwell in his presence, focus entirely on Him, and quiet our minds so we can fully embrace His Word.

The Christian Meditation websites contains over 23 Christ-centered meditation and affirmation CD on over 50 topics that Christians deal with daily. These meditations will bring you closer to God, help you eliminate worry and fear, restore your peace of mind, help you sleep at night, support you in losing weight, heal your marriage as well as you body, and there are even meditations and affirmations for young children, and that’s just the beginning!

Right now they have an ongoing special where you can buy 3 Cds and get the 4th CD free. I hope you become  as excited about Christian meditation as I am. To order or learn more, please visit Christian Meditation and Relaxation. (your e-junkie hoplink)

Your Truly,

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Title: Get Your Free Guide to Christian Meditation

Dear First Name,

I was recently introduced to Christ-centered meditation and it has literally changed my life. Through spending time with God in stillness and solitude, my walk with Christ is deepening, I don’t worry as much, and I am much more aware of God’s presence in my daily affairs.

If you are like me, you probably don’t know much about Christian meditation. In fact, you may never have heard of it at all.  I am finding out that more and more Christians are embracing Christ-centered meditation as a way to increase their intimacy with God.

I recently subscribed to The Christian Meditator (your hoplink) and received a Free Guide to Christian Meditation that tells you all about this practice and its benefits.  Before you decide that Christian meditation is not for you, I encourage you to get this free guide. It has a wealth of information in it. Even if you never practice meditation, you’ll learn a lot about how our mind and emotions affect our relationship with God.

To get your Free Guide to Christian Meditation, just go to the The Christian Meditator website (your hop link) and subscribe. Don’t worry, you won’t receive a bunch of junk mail, just great information that will help you grow spiritually.

After you subscribe, every few days you will receive a wonderful article on a different aspect of Christian meditation. Believe me, you will not be disappointed.

Hey, once you’ve received a few articles, write me back and let me know what you think.

Yours truly,

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Title: Meditate on God Every with Free Daily Christian Affirmations

Dear First Name,

If you are anything like me, you struggle with finding time to spend with God. It seems like there is always something that gets in the way of this important practice.

Recently, I have been learning about Christian meditation and incorporating it more and more into my daily schedule, and it has truly changed my life and perspective on many things.

However, on days that I just can’t find the time to get still before the Lord (and I’m working on this), I enjoy receivingDaily Christian Affirmations.(your hoplink) These mailings show up in my email box once a day to encourage me and keep me focused on the Lord.

Everyday I receive a Biblically-based affirmation along with instructions on how to meditate on God and make this affirmation a part of that day.

The affirmations are on a variety of topics from marriage, children, business, faith, joy, and more.

It’s especially nice to open my email inbox and find a Christian affirmation waiting for me each day. It’s a great way to start your morning.

As I said, these Daily Christian Affirmations are absolutely Free. All you need to do is sign up for them.

Just visit The Christian Meditator website (your hop link)and put in your name and email address. That’s it.

I think you will enjoy the Daily Affirmations as much as I do.

Yours truly,

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Title: Christians Turning to Christian Meditation for Peace of Mind and Intimacy with God

Dear First Name,

I want to share with you an article I read recently about Christian meditation. What I love most about this article are the testimonies of “real” believers who have incorporated Christian meditation in their daily lives. Please read:

The desire for greater intimacy with God is what led Carmen Goudie to seek out Christian meditation and relaxation. “Being a Christian for 22 years, the intimacy was never there until I started meditating,” said Goudie. “Prior to that, I thought or was led to believe that meditation was only for the Eastern culture and Christians were not supposes to meditate.” She believed that by meditating “other spirits lurking in the spiritual realm would somehow attack me, or invade my life,” said Goudie.

Then one morning during an early devotion, she found Psalms 46:10 that encouraged Christians to “be still and know that I am God”. That scripture led Goudie on a search for meditation in the Bible. “I was naïve about how many times the Bible mentioned the word ‘meditate’,” she expressed. After a thorough research of the word, Goudie learned that meditation was simply the practice of quieting her mind and controlling her thoughts. “I thought it would be easy, but found it to be one of the hardest disciplines I had to accomplished,” she expressed.

Two years later, Goudie and her husband meditate every morning and formed a weekly Christian meditation group. “This experience has given us a depth of God’s presence that we have never had in 22 years of being Christians,” shared Goudie. “We are living in complete faith allowing Him to guide us, and have seen his provision in every area of our life.”

“More and more Christians are turning to meditation to enhance their relationship with God, restore their peace of mind, and maintain their mental and emotional health,” says Rhonda Jones, founder of Serenity Enterprises, and author of series of Christian meditation and relaxations CDs geared to help believers overcome common struggles like worry, stress, fear, or anxiety. Jones was inspired to create the CDs after a long bout of depression in which counseling and medication offered little relief. “It was meditation combined with the scriptures, deep breathing and relaxation that helped me to conquer my negatives thoughts and restore my joy,” stated Jones. Her website, (your hop link) provides Christians with a wealth of knowledge on Christian meditation. She also writes a monthly newsletter titled, “Christian Meditation and Inner Peace,” that contains articles on spiritual growth and promotes her CDs.

“By the time I was in my forties I was completely exhausted with myself and my life,” said Lillie Sayles. Her family life had begun to unravel and her carnal walk with Christ was the only thing holding her together. “My constant negative thinking began to move to a darker side,” said Sayles. They were coming uncontrollably and she was stressed to the max.
“I noticed people who meditated seemed to be relaxed and confident,” said Sayles. “I wanted what they had but not at the expense of my faith in Jesus. I began looking on-line to see if a thing called Christian Meditation even existed. She then purchased several guided Christian meditation Cds. After using the Cds only one time, Sayles stated that she felt so calm and relaxed and has since shared the Cds with her family. “I have seen a remarkable change in our home,” she expressed gratefully.

Sue DeVecka suffers from fibromyalgia, chronic myofascial pain, osteoarthritis, IBS, and asthma, all of which get much worse during times of stress. She developed an interest in Christian meditation after working with a Christian psychologist who used hypnotherapy with Christian imagery to help her cope with the pain. Later she developed her own meditations by putting on a CD of the ocean sounds as she visualized herself on the beach with Christ with his arms stretched to her. “I would breathe in his healing love and breathe out all stress and worry,” said DeVecka.

A search on internet for “Guided-Christian Meditation” lead her to purchase Jones’ Christian meditation CD (your hoplink),“Eliminating Stress and Toxic Emotions. ”I love the imagery in it and it lowered my stress levels which helped lower my pain levels. I also love the one on the morning meditation (Morning Devotion) with all the positive reinforcements,” declared DeVecka.

Valder Beebe, spiritual host of the Valderbee Show, has been meditating for over 10 years. Beebe says she exclusively uses the Christian Meditation CD’s, her favorite being Divine Delay. 
“I have deeply connected with the message and the voice of Rhonda Jones,” expressed Beebe.  “I use guided and self inspiration mediation on a daily basis. Mediation relieves the energy build up from life for me,” she said.

You can learn more about Rhonda’s Cds at The Christian (your hoplink)

Your truly,

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Title: Control Negative Thought Christian Meditation Cd Review

Dear First Name,

Over the last several weeks you may have received several emails from me regarding Christian meditation and its many benefits.  In this email, I thought I would write a brief review about one of my favorite Christian meditation Cds, Control Negative Thoughts (your hop link).

This Cd contains 3 awesome meditations. The first meditation titled 
Taking Control of your Thought Life, is more like a teaching meditation that includes a progressive relaxation, soft music, and a guided meditation narrative on how to eliminate stress, worry, and negative thoughts and turn them over to God.

The second meditation titled, Quieting a Restless Mind,takes you to a beautiful forest where you rest near a river and teaches you how to let you thoughts float away down a stream, fly away like a kite, and pass by like the clouds. The music and voice of the author are so soothing sometimes I almost fall asleep.

Lastly, it contains a meditation titled Morning Devotion. I love to do this meditation every morning to help to start my day with my mind on God and my priorities in order. It’s like putting on the whole armor of god.This meditation also helps to build your faith and trust in God to meet your needs.

I highly recommend this Cd, as well as many others, and believe it would be a blessing to your as well.  If you are interested in purchasing or learning more about this Cd, just visit The Christian Meditator website (your hoplink) to learn more.

Yours truly,

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