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host a god getaway christian meditation retreat


I love facilitating retreats; however, with the high cost of airfare and travel, many people feel a retreat is not affordable. With God Get-away Retreats I hope to change all that. At God Get-Away Retreats, I bring the retreat to you, your home town or area of your choice and all at an affordable cost to you.  With a team effort, we work together to plan, market, and execute the retreat. Each God Get-away Retreat includes an Organizer, who can work alone, with a partner, or with a committee to making it all happen.  The main organizer attends the retreat for free.  Or you can split duties with one other person and both people get one-half off retreat cost.


A God Get-away Retreat is a mini-retreat that provides 10-12 women the opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of life for one weekend and get some much needed relaxation, restoration, fellowship, and renewal. (Sorry, men, we’re working on this for the future). During a God Get-away Retreat you’ll learn some tools to get your life back on track and restore some balance to your hectic schedule. Each retreat can be centered around a specific theme (see below), however all retreats include Christ-centered yoga and Christian meditation. God Get-away Retreats are ideal for groups of friends, pastor’s wives, singles and women’s groups, meet-up groups, or anyone else who needs a time out. All retreats are Christ-Centered, cause “We love the Lord,” right?


  • Life Coaches
  • Christian Counselors
  • Christian Yoga Instructors
  • Women’s Group Leaders
  • Pastor’s Wives
  • Women’s Meet-up Group Leaders
  • Stay a Home Moms
  • Any Women Interested in Bringing a Retreat to Their Area!

Are you any of the above and interested in helping to organize a Getaway with God Retreat in your hometown or someplace nearby? If so, I am now taking reservations for retreats scheduled to begin in November 14, 2014. Organizers can attend for free! Retreats must be scheduled at least 3 months in advance to allow for proper promotion and payments. Only 12 retreats are scheduled per year (one per month), so if interested, please contact me to hold your spot and get more details.


A DATE: Planning for a God Get-away Retreat  needs to begin at least 3-months in advance. Generally,God Getaway Retreats are scheduled on a Friday evening and run until Sunday afternoon. This can be adjusted to fit your needs of your group. Weekday retreats and extended retreats can be scheduled as well. We can customize God Getaway to fit your needs. We only schedule one retreat per any given month, so if you’re interest, please contact us right away.

We are beginning to  schedule retreats as early as November 2014, so if interested, complete the form below to receive more detail information as well as a list of 13 retreat themes to choose from.   Someone will contact you shortly.



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