Christian Meditation for Healing and Love

Christian Meditation for Healing and Love

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Today is my first Christian Meditation “In the News” blog post. As Christian meditation becomes more and more popular, many believers are sharing their insight, wisdom, and experience regarding this important topic. In The News will share with Nourishing Your Spirit Readers a variety of Christian meditation articles, news, and opinions from other sources found all over the web.- Blessings, Rhonda

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Christian Meditation for Healing and Love (In the News)

Every religion promotes meditation as a path of enlightenment. Christian meditation not only probes into one’s inner realms along with the Word of God but also is so powerful to heal the illnesses of individuals and the whole humanity.

Christian meditation is an effort to reach the call of God which gives power to respond to the Divine call from the deepest center of an awakened consciousness. It enables a Christian to be more and more involved in that great Divine Love. It provides serenity, clarity and bliss to be a faithful Christian.

What is Christian mediation?

Christian meditation is an inner journey to the state of consciousness that can enlighten the mind and strengthen one’s soul to be more and more faithful in the love of God. It is spending time with God in silence and solitude implanting His word in mind and heart. It enables a Christian to contact God the Father by understanding Him more through meditation. That understanding strengthens him faith and makes him love Him more.

Power of Meditation

Researches have proved that meditation is a kind of alternative therapy. It has been proved that meditation helps a person to reduce stress, to create calmness and inner peace, and even to eliminate or reduce the symptoms of many illnesses.  Hence it has become a healthy method of treatment that can provide a holistic healing to body, mind and soul.

Power in Christian meditation

1) Christian meditation takes one nearer to God

Through being still in meditation one can approach Nearer to God. Meditation carries a Christian towards the knowledge of God. “Be still, and know that I am God. I am exalted among the nations, I am exalted in the earth. “(Psalms 46:10)

2) Empowers to face and overcome temptations

Christian meditation strengthens him to make him armed against the temptations. Jesus said the soul is strong but the flesh is weak. But meditation can strengthen a Christian to strengthen himself with the grace of God. It encourages him whenever he feels disconnected from God, confused about his life, longing to know the purpose in his life, and whenever he experiences a lack of faith and unbelief, plagued with worry or fear. It brings him back to God’s joy in everyday life.  ZSHSUNF45EWN

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Rhonda’s Notes:  This article explains the many benefits that Christians can receive from Christ-centered meditation. These include drawing closer to God, overcoming temptation, inner and outer healing, experiencing God on a spiritual level, and obtaining success in life.  Although many Christians are beginning to understand the benefits of Biblical Meditation, for many believers the question still remains, how?  Please browse through as well as this blog to find courses, CDs, and other resources to deepen your knowledge of Christian meditation techniques.
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