How Can I Integrate Christian Meditation into my Counseling Practice?

Question: How Can I Integrate Christian Meditation into my Counseling  or Coaching Practice?

Answer: If you ever read my testimony you will know that Christian meditation helped me overcome years of depression. Prior to this I had sought out counselors and was even on medication for awhile. But what I didn’t understand at the time was that my negative thinking was contributing to my low and depressed moods. By this time negative thinking had just become a way of life.  It wasn’t until I began to quiet my mind that I began to observe what I was thinking.  Once I began to monitor my thoughts, I was able to use God’s word to squash my destructive thinking. I believe this is a powerful tool for any counseling theraphy. Just think if my counselors had shared this information with me? I would have learned to monitor my destructive thinking and then take authority of them using God’s word.  Although individuals come to counseling for many problems, I believe  that most of our problems stem from the thoughts we think.  Christian meditation can help support your counseling efforts by helping your clients to better understand the mind, body, and spirit connection. I believe that this knowledge can be empowering.  Through Christian meditation your clients gain many benefits. They will learn to observe their thoughts and take authority over them, surrender their mind to God for healing, plant God’s word in their heart, and receive the transformative power of dwelling in God’s presence. I would encourage practioneers to select meditation topics close to the needs of the client and then encourage them to meditate at least once per day.  If purchasing Cds isn’t possible, then scripture meditation is also encouraged.  Christian meditation integrated with Christian  counseling is a powerful tool for change, healing, and spiritual growth.

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