How long will it take before I begin to reap the benefits of Christian Meditation?

How Long Does It Take Christian Meditation to Work?

Question: How long will it take before I begin to reap the benefits of Christian Meditation?

Answer: The majority of Christians will begin to see the value of meditation beginning with their very first session.  Christians new to the practice will begin to observe their mind and thoughts and discover just how distracted and fragmented their mind is. This is a wonderful discovery in that now you can use the practice of meditation to take control of your thinking. As with any new practice or activity, it will take continuous practice before you begin to reap greater benefits, benefits you will actually see.  However, usually you won’t notice them right away. What tends to happen is that you just begin to notice that you don’t react to situations quite the same way. One day you may observe that the same situations don’t upset you with the same intensity or you just let stuff go that in the past would really upset you. In addition, you will begin to hear the voice of God speaking to you more clearly.  As your mind becomes quieter, you create a greater space and capacity to hear the voice of the spirit.  It will come as words, impressions, or knowings in your heart.  The longer you practice Christian meditation, the more transformation will take place within you.  In addition, there is no such thing as a bad meditation session, because every session, no matter how difficult, is helping you gain control over your mind little by little.

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