How to Invest in Yourself

Investing in Yourself- What Are Your 10s?

It’s now 2021 and we’ve all heard the saying, “If you want a different result you have to do something different.” In what ways would you like to grow this year? How can you expand and open yourself to new opportunities, ideas, blessings, and desires? What is standing in the way of you prospering in all areas of your life?

Recently, I learned about the 10s concept, and I love it. Right now (or after reading this article), take out a sheet a paper and make a list of at least 20-30 things you do in a day or week. Now, on a scale of 0-10, rate each activity. A 10 means this activity, person, place or thing excites, inspires, grows, and expands you. A “0” means, well you know, not doing “anything” for you or even working against you. Zeros are huge time wasters and keep you from living your best life!

Now, ask yourself, what kind of life do I want? Do I want a 10s life? Or are you just fine surviving instead of thriving? If not, then start doing and experiencing more 10s! Hang around 10s people, do 10s activities, go to 10s places, and surround yourself with 10 things. FYI, 10 things don’t have to be costly or expensive, they just have to be something that you love and makes you smile, like a favorite lamp, necklace, nature spot, or your foot massager. 10s are an investment in you and your future. Even if you can’t maintain 10s constantly, at least you’re working towards it.

Here are some of my 9-10s:

1. Cooking & eating a healthy and home-cooked meal
2. Exercising while watching mind movies
3. Meditation, spending time in God’s presence
4. Working with a personal trainer
5. Helping take care of my mom
6. Having a meal with a friend
7. Working in my garden
8. Reading an inspirational or spiritual book
9. Doing a food fast
10. Going to a foreign country or on a solo retreat
11. Being in nature
12. Getting rid of unused clothes and other items & decluttering
13. Journaling my thoughts, prayers, affirmations, and intentions
14. Working on my finances/retirement
15. Weekly movie night with “10” friend
16. Talking to and spending time with my significant other
17. Organizing my home
18. Self-care routines for inner and outer beauty
19. Massages (Why?: Improves circulation, detoxifies, and feels awesome)
20. Face-timing my daughters (Why?: Staying connected and feeling loved)
21. Listening to SOCA and Afro beat music (Why? It lifts my moods & gets me moving)
22. Making beaded jewelry
23. Writing this article
24. Working on future ideas and plans
25. Hosting small parties and get togethers

All of these activities move me towards greater fulfillment, health, joy, abundance, and contentment. That is what 10s do. I’m so glad I have lots of 10s that inspire me and that I can do more and more to elevate my life. If you’re not sure what constitutes a 10 for you, spend some time consciously examining my life and what gets you excited. I’m not giving 10 attention to all of these, but I’m working on it with baby steps.

Now here are some of my 0-1s:

1. Watch hours of youtube
2. Buying new clothes
3. Driving in traffic
4. Eating after 7 p.m.
5. Overeating or too much snacking (Why? I gain weight or feel weighed down)
6. Watching too much Netflix
7. Overworking
8. Trying to accomplish things in my own strength
9. Worry, fear, and not trusting God
10. Buying stuff I don’t need
11. Getting frustrated about politics (Why?: Creates a pit in stomach, worry, anxiety)
12. Not getting enough sleep (Why?: Feel tired and less motivated)
13. Talking on phone about nothing

My list of 0-1s, in the scheme of things, don’t do much for me. Most of these things are just distractions that keep me stagnate, frustrated, or overcompensating for feelings of lack. Another thing, all of these I can easily do something about. I’m not into making huge changes at once, but just tackling one or two at a time can create a compounding effect over time. Suggestion: To add to this activity, write your “why” next to each one on how they expand or take away from your life. This will help to motivate you when faced with a decision to be a 10 or not. See what I put for a few in ( ).

This year, I decided that I want to live a 10s kind of life. As much as possible, I want everything I do, buy, surround myself with, engage with, and love, to be a 8, 9 or a10! If it’s not, I don’t want to do it. I realize you can’t avoid all the 0-5s in your life, like doing taxes, grocery shopping, or housecleaning (if those things don’t excite you), but these are things you can possibly delegate to others. Even cutting back on just a few, like hours of television, can free up time for more 10 ideas, activities, and adventures. In addition, sometimes just a change of attitude can turn a 5 into a 10. Therefore, if you just can’t “not” do something, try looking for the positive or even ways to make the task more pleasant.

Last week I started going through my belongs (again) and began to get rid of things that didn’t radiate the 10 I want to be and feel. I even started dressing more like a 10 and incorporating more 10 self-care. Today I took a picture of myself and sent it to a loved one. In the caption I put, “Feeling like a 10 today. Lol.” I have to admit, it’s so much fun.

You see, we settle for so much less. I believe this is because 1) We can be kind of lazy, 2) We don’t believe we deserve it, 3) We distract ourselves with mediocre activities and things, 4) We’re not truly connected to God, Spirit, and our own hearts. 5) We believe that peace, joy, and contentment are external. 6) We’re just stuck in our habitual activities, 6) We don’t believe there is really more for us.

For 2021, I’d like you to think about what’s not a 10, or at least an 8 or 9 in your life, and work on changing or discarding it. Maybe you have a 5 attitude, but with a little more gratitude, trust, and perspective you can raise that number significantly. Or maybe you have a 6 amount of faith. Why not incorporate some scriptural affirmations that you meditate on and repeat daily to boost that number?

According to Kyle Cease, in his book, The Illusion of Money, he declares there are three types of investments. They are categorized by A, B, and C. Let’s look at all three.

A Investments- Investing in things (lowest value)
B Investments- Investing in experiences (better value)
C Investments- Investing in yourself (best value)

“C Investments” raise your value and includes things like reading books, taking classes, challenging yourself, meditation, honing a talent, being creative, journaling, spending time with God and in nature, getting more education, attending a lecture, taking a retreat, getting a massage, buying healthy and organic foods, exercising regularly, traveling for pleasure or adventure, or starting an inspired business, etc.

Let me add a caveat to this. I’m not talking about just a whole bunch of doing. In fact, our doing should be inspired action. As we draw closer to God and listen to His still small voice, he will impress our hearts with ideas, desires, and goals to pursue. If you don’t know what to do, then spend time with God until He tells you!!! Don’t waste time being busy or on activities that don’t excite you or your heart is not yearning for, that is what makes them a 10!

If you’d like a little assistance in making some significant changes in your life and perhaps raise your “Father God” vibrations a little higher this year, consider one of my books or courses (see below). Each are designed to help you to create that space to make those changes that are going to enhance your life as well as your relationship with God.

It’s time for us to stop chasing carrots and begin to look within. Jesus said, “The kingdom of God is within you,” but you must look, seek, and find it through being still, surrendered, quiet, and deep listening. Everything that we need to know is already inside of us. The best thing we can all do is to seek God with all of our heart, and that comes from abiding with Christ and connecting with His Spirit residing within us, right now. It’s just about clearing the mental, emotional, and physical clutter obscuring his voice, guidance, wisdom, and promptings.

Ask God to help you to realize the 10s in your life and nurture those things more than ever! As you put your attention on them, they will multiply and grow.

I have some exciting things happening in 2021 & 2022, and I know it is a result of trusting and waiting on the Lord and no longer settling for the 0s, 1s, and 2s, but it takes effort and discipline and knowing that all things are possible! Wait upon the Lord (abide in his presence) and He will give you the desires (plant them within you) of your heart. He will birth them there and show you your next steps.

If you have read this far, share with me your top three 9-10s and your bottom three 0-1s! Tell me how they enhance or distract from your life and God’s best for you.

God Bless!!!! – Rhonda Jones

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