Christian EFT Video Teaching and Script for Healing Emotions - Discover the Healing Power of Christian Meditation

Christian EFT Video Teaching and Script for Healing Emotions

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What is EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique?


Here is an article on the Emofree website and one of the founders of EFT that explains what it is and how it works.  Learn More

EFT Tapping Points

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EFT- Script When Emotionally Challenged

1. Rate intensity of emotion from 1-10.

2. Say while tapping karate chop or sore spot:

  • Even though I feel (insert emotion or statement) I deeply and completely love and accept myself.
  • Even though I feel (insert emotion or statement) I deeply and completely love and accept myself.
  • Even though I feel (insert emotion or statement) I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

3. Say one round tapping all points: (Allow emotion to surface)

This ____________.  (feelings/statements associated with emotion). Example:  “This rejection” or  “This rejected by friend,” “This debilitating depression,” or “This pain in my heart.”

4. Say while tapping each point 8-10 times:

Ready to let it go.

All the drama that surrounds it.

All the stories that contain it.

All the negativity that embraces it.

I am ready and choosing to let them go.

All attachments to it, releasing and letting them go.

All programs that created it, releasing and letting them go.

I let go and let God.

I nail every care I have to the cross of Christ.

Jesus is my refugee and my strength.

He is my ever-present help in time of trouble.

Whether it’s a mental, emotional, or physical issue, God is with me.

Father God comforts me.

He restores me to perfect mental, emotional,  and spiritual health, and wholeness.

He replenishes my soul.

My mind is free from worry and experiencing only God’s perfect peace and calm.

I release the need for security.

I release the need to control others or circumstances.

I release the need for validation and approval.

I release the need to be understood.

I release the need to fix another, the situation, or even myself.

I love the awareness that I have within my mind as well as my body.

I love what I am feeling in this moment because it is showing up for my healing.

For what I can feel, I can heal.

Therefore, I allow myself to feel it, so I can release it and heal it.

I love that I am not denying, rushing through, or blocking out my feelings.

I invite God’s healing light, power, and presence into these feelings and problem(s).

I have faith that God is working in me, through me, and on my behalf.

I seek God for forgiveness, unforgiveness, or any wrongdoing on my part.

I send blessings to those who have hurt or wronged me.

May God’s Love penetrate every cell in their bodies. May His Love also restore them to wholeness.

I declare that no weapon formed against me shall prosper.

My mind and heart are guarded and protected from every fiery dart of the enemy.

In everything I give thanks.

In everything I rejoice.

I trust God beyond what I can see.

As I dwell in God’s transformative presence and rest in his love and light, His divine presence dissolves all fear, pain, darkness, and weaknesses within me.

I shall not be moved. I shall only be still.

I shall experience the salvation of God over these unwanted feelings and emotions. 

For whom the Son sets free is free indeed.

I declare my freedom in Jesus’ name.

Thank you, Father God for this wonderful gift.

5. Re-rate intensity 1-10, repeat or do again later/regularly until emotion is gone or greatly subsided. 

Key Points from Video Teaching to Remember

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  • Your emotions provide a wonderful signal as to what is going on in your mind.  Use this awareness to heal yourself. (2 Corin 7:1)
  • Never deny, brush aside, or distract yourself from emotions that show up.  They are showing up for a reason, listen!!!!
  • Wounds often take time to heal, even emotional ones. Once activating the healing  process, be okay with not feeling perfect right away.  Continue to keep the wound clean by taking authority over negative thoughts and taking them captive. Keep tapping and make EFT a part of your wellness routine. 
  •  Create a regular Spiritual Self-Care Routine so that you can “regularly” address mental, emotional, and spiritual issues that steal your peace of mind and rob you of your joy. To get your started, I highly recommend my book, The Christian Meditation Journal. 
  • 1 John 1:5 says, ” God is light and there is no darkness in Him.” Spending time in God’s presence through silence, stillness, and meditation as well as inviting God’s light into your pain and circumstances, over time, can transform you from the inside out. 
  • The accumulation of unhealed emotional pain often turns into dis-ease and later disease. Therefore, process it, feel it, release it, and let it go! 

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3 thoughts on “Christian EFT Video Teaching and Script for Healing Emotions”

  1. Brooke Cygnar

    God led me to your website since I’ve been praying for help feeling and hearing sprit with in me as well as help meditating and taking time everyday to quiet my mind and sit in Gods presence.
    I stumbled on your eft post after reading your list of Christian meditations and am thrilled even more for I’ve been doing eft for years and it stopped working for me. So I asked God to guide me to a Christian technique to release my hidden emotions and limiting beliefs!!
    Thank you for all this information for meditating and Christian eft!!
    God Bless You!!

  2. Absolutely AWESOME!
    I am going to start doing this daily. God bless you?

  3. Thank you, this was very good for me. Could you provide the script in PDF format?

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