Christian EFT for Overcoming Negative Emotions and Beliefs
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Christian EFT for Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

As Christian’s, some of us are confused as to whether the Emotional Freedom Technique is something we should practice or not. In this article, I explain my opinion about Christian EFT and if it’s an appropriate tool to use. 

EFT is an acronym on for Emotional Freedom Technique. Occasionally, I am asked if EFT is something that Christians should avoid. I first became familiar with EFT about 10 years ago at a book signing event. At that time I had never heard of EFT, but participated in several tapping exercises to reducing sugar cravings. EFT is now taught and practiced world-wide. Just look on YouTube you will find 100s of Christian EFT videos on reducing everything from stress and anxiety to losing weight and people swear by it.

So what would be Christian EFT? Christian EFT would use the same tapping procedures and methods, but instead of using general affirmations, believers could use scriptures and biblical affirmations to negate negative thoughts and emotions.

I personally believe that Christian EFT is an effective tool or technique for releasing blocked or suppressed emotions. Many times instead of finding the root cause of distress, negative emotions, or heaviness, we bury it deeper into our subconscious mind. It is kind of like knowing that a mouse ran in my home and instead of finding and getting rid of it, I pretend it doesn’t bother me.  And, in order to combat any negative feelings, I distract myself or tell myself that I feel one way, when deep down inside I am fearful, anxious, or worried.

Most people wouldn’t settle for sharing their residence with a rodent and would immediately purchase mouse traps, poison, or call an exterminator. Once that mouse is caught the anxiety lifts and your well-being is restored.

EFT is like the emotional equivalent of acknowledging there is a menace in your subconscious mind and then letting it go. Our emotions let us know immediately when something is wrong. God created us to live with continual peace and well-being. Whenever our well-being is being attacked, it’s time to go into battle. The longer we let ill feelings remain, the more effort we will need to get rid of them.

EFT contains a well-established system for releasing negative emotions. It is often called emotional acupuncture as you tap on emotional pressure points on your body while release negative circumstances and then affirming more positive statements.

In the first part of Christian EFT you do what is called “make friends with the problem.” What this really means is that you bring to the surface and acknowledge that a problem exists. Sometimes we think that if we acknowledge that we are afraid, angry, depressed, or worried that we are not living by faith or we are going to make matters worse. Yet, regardless of having great faith, we all have fears. Having great faith isn’t denying our fears, but confronting them head on and giving them over to God.

I believe this is one of the greatest benefits of christian EFT because it helps people to confront their fears and then change how they will view them in the future. I always tell people that you can’t create a solution until you know the problem and Christian EFT helps you to get to the root of the problem and then release it.

Once you know the tapping points you can make your own EFT sessions using the scriptures or Biblical affirmations. I created my own Biblical EFT dialogue awhile back that helped me to eliminate anxiety about my finances. I have used Christian EFT with other Christians who have been able to find relief over specific negative emotions. After each session you rate your negative feelings on a scale of 1-10 and if the emotion still exists you repeat the process.

In my opinion, I see nothing unscriptural or ungodly about EFT, however I have also created a similar technique for overcoming negative emotions by casting every care on the Lord. I have found it very effective as well, however it focuses on the healing power of Christ.

It’s easy to make your own Christian EFT dialogue. First identify the problem. Secondly, create positive statements that bring the problem under the authority of Christ. I created a Christian EFT on YouTube for releasing anxiety, check it out below:

Christian EFT Video

This Christian EFT video will answer your questions about EFT and how you can benefit as a believer. You can learn more about Christian EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique at Gray Craig’s website, a pioneer of Emotional Freedom Technique.

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