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How to Best Prepare for Christian Meditation

By Ruby Andrew (Guest Writer) Christian meditation is the act of reading a scripture, meditating or thinking on the words of that scripture and listening to Gods answers. Many Priests over the past few centuries have been using this form of praying to be closer with God. God wants us to think about his words […]

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Christian Meditation For Beginners

Meditation is most often identified with Eastern religions, especially Buddhism and Hinduism. However, meditation is actually a universal spiritual practice that can be found at the core of all major religious traditions. At its heart, it is about taking time to find silence and stillness in our lives. It is also a practice that allows us […]

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The Lost Art of Christian Meditation

  Recently on the Oprah show, Dr. Oz, frequent guest and author of “You on a Diet,” gave the audience six “must dos” for optimal health; number 3 was to meditate.  The word meditate means to ponder, reflect upon, think about, muse over or to ruminate.  When we’re meditating on something, we’re singly focused and […]

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Listen to Christian Marriage Affirmations for FREE!

April’s Free Affirmations for the Month focuses on building a Successful Christian Marriage. . Promotion Ended! . This link will be on the website for about 5 days, so enjoy! Do you need to build and affirm your marriage with positive thoughts and actions? Too often we allow negativity or unforgiveness to burrow it’s way […]


What Does it Mean to Meditate on Christ?

What Does It Mean to Meditate on Christ? Renew Your Mind Rejuvenate Your Walk with God Be Still and Know God in an Intimate and Personal Way Many Christians struggle with worry, anxiety, and fear. Negative thoughts steal their peace of mind and busyness prevents them from spending quality time with God. Studies prove that […]

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Help Me God! Change My Life -New Book Release

Help Me God! Change My Life is a 10-Week Biblically-based program to help Christians transform their life and renew their minds in seven key areas including their thoughts, spirit, body, home, relationships, vision, and schedule.