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Christian Meditation- What Is It?

  What is Christian Meditation? In the simplest terms, Christian Meditation is “Being with God.” It is dwelling in his presence and meditating on his glory, his character, and his Word. It is abiding with Christ  for the mere pleasure of being with him. That sounds simple enough, right? But many things gets in the way of […]

what does it mean to detox your life

What Does it Mean to Detox Your Life and How?

Wondering if your life is out of balance and you need a detox? Learn easiest way to determine if it’s time to declutter your life, relationships, & more. The best way to answer this question is to take an inventory of your present life. When considering whether you need a detox or not, looking at […]

Who Really Has Time to Meditate-

Who Really Has Time to Meditate?

Wondering How you Can Find Time to Meditate? Living in a society that puts more value on doing than being, it’s so easy to get caught up in a perpetual state of busyness. I struggle with this as well. Everything seems more important than, let’s say, to meditate. By meditate I mean sitting for 20 […]

Meditate-Just Do It!

Meditate?…Just Do It!

You Have to Meditate to Know If it Works or Not! I know it can be difficult to meditate consistently. I really do.  I get it. You need to be in control. You need to know it’s working. You need quick results and you need to have assurance that being still, meditating for 20 minutes, dwelling in […]

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Relax In Him. Ushering In The Holy Ghost! (Meditation)

I came across this meditation video that was created by the House of Healing Ministry in Arizona. In the first hour of the video the instructor gives a wonderful introduction into the benefits of meditating in God’s Presence. Then starting at about 59 minutes, he actually takes participants through a wonderful Holy Spirit and healing meditation. […]

A Different Type of Protest - The One that Starts Within

A Different Type of Protest – The One that Starts Within

By Rhonda Jones “Sow to yourselves in righteousness, reap in mercy; break up your fallow ground: for it is time to seek the LORD, till he come and rain righteousness upon you.” – Hosea 10:12 I recently read a beautiful article that gave an insightful perspective on the shaking that is taking place post the 2016 election. […]


Fear Meditation Isn’t Christian? Think Again!

By Rhonda Jones Christians have many concerns pertaining to meditation, but by far the biggest one is their fear that meditation is in and of itself an un-Christian activity. Mainstream stereotypes surrounding meditation suggest that it’s a Buddhist, pagan, Earth-worshiping activity. This could not be further from the truth– in fact, Christian meditation is heavily […]


Making Biblical Meditation a Way of Life

In today’s culture, the new age idea of mindfulness has permeated the collective consciousness in a way that has disturbed some Christians. Due to the popularization of Buddhist or pagan ideals, many of those of us who worship the Lord find ourselves cringing away from words such as ‘meditation’ and ‘mindfulness,’ because to us, these […]

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Is There Really a Difference Between Christian and Eastern Meditation?

by Rhonda Jones The word meditation is a derivative of the Latin word meditar?, which means to reflect on, to study or to practice. This is the general definition of the word. In Christianity, meditation is a form of prayer where Christians reflect upon the word of God. This definition is derived from the Bible, […]

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6 Ways to Start and Maintain a Daily Christian Meditation Practice

By Rhonda Jones Meditation plays a very important role in the spiritual growth of a Christian. The meaning of meditation is focusing your thoughts to think on, ponder or muse about something. The main aim of meditation for Christians is to empty the mind of the bad things and fill it with what is right […]

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A Divine Call to Meditate: The Practice of Biblical Meditation

Guest Post: Manuel Vargas The Divine Call to Meditate (Joshua 1:1-9) God challenged Joshua to Meditate on the Law day and night. (Josh. 1:8) God gave Joshua the key to prosperity and success in his calling and career as an effective leader just by simply meditating on His Law (Word). It’s amazing how some so […]

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The 10 Day- Christian Meditation Challenge

It Only Takes 20 Minutes with God to Change Your Life & Relationship with God   There are many forms of meditation out there that are available to anyone who is interested. The art of meditation has been around for centuries and continues to be an integral part of the spiritual community. Some people tend […]