Day l Tricks to Help You Stay Productive Throughout the Day

What Are Some Tricks To Implement to Become More Productive Throughout the Day?

Being mindful is being aware. Aware of both your internal (thoughts, emotions) and external environments throughout the day. When we are practicing mindfulness, we are not lost in the daydreams of our mind during our day. Instead, we are fully present and living in the here and the now.

Practicing mindfulness is a discipline. To start, simply pay attention to the little things you do, like brushing your teeth, or eating a meal. Notice if your mind is completely connected to the experience or distracted by thoughts of the past or future.

It’s almost like a game you can play, to see how mindful you can be throughout the day. If you do, expect to go in and out of mindfulness, as it is the nature of the mind to get caught up in its own stories instead of just enjoying the journey of the present moment and being alive. You can keep a score card and put a check for each time you catch your mind someplace other than in the present moment. Over time you will see that you have less check marks on the card. Shoot for improvement, not perfection.

Starting a regular meditation practice can also help you to stay more mindful by learning how to detach from your thoughts by observing them and then letting them go. You might be interested in learning how to do Mindful Meditation as well.

I love teaching meditation, especially Christian meditation, as I believe meditation, along with mindfulness, can transform your life.

Here is an article I wrote a while back on making meditation a way of life: Making Biblical Meditation a Way of Life

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