Are We There Yet? Learning to Enjoy the Journey

Are We There Yet? Learning to Enjoy the Journey

By Rev. Steven D. Young

Whenever a family takes a trip that extends beyond the length of their children’s DVD, parents soon hear the words “are we there yet”? It is at this moment that a parent has to address their children’s concerns and shape their expectations (without yelling to the top of their voices).

I confess that it is possible for people who are involved in ministry to ask the same childlike question—“are we there yet?” Matter of fact, it is not only possible but probable that many of our concerns and expectations have caused us to become uneasy, unappreciative, and unrealistic.

Whether we are studying in seminary, serving as laymen, leading a ministry, raising a family, or completing a new work, we should consider the joy of the journey. Wherever we are at this moment and in spite of how long it has taken, we should keep in mind that we are closer to our desired destination.
To make the trips more enjoyable for children there are periodic stops at McDonalds, Baskin and Robbins, and parks along the way. These brief moments may extend the trip, but two distinct things are accomplished. First, it takes a child’s mind off of the long journey that they have ahead. Second, it makes a child’s mind forget the long journey that they have already experienced.

As a student, pastor (in between assignments), teacher, husband, and father of three, I would like to encourage you to enjoy the journey and allow our Heavenly Father to be in control of the trip. He will get you to the place that you REALLY desire to be if you just trust Him along the way. Try your best not to be uneasy to deal with, unappreciative of His provisions, and unrealistic in what you expect. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the scenery because you are closer than you may think.

While we expect to finish the upcoming assignment, complete the next class, attain the next degree, write the next book, pastor the next church, raise the kids, and think about our planners, I would conclude by saying stay focused on where you REALLY desire to be. Keep in mind these aforementioned events are merely a part of the journey. Our desire is to be with God the father in Heaven for eternity. Therefore, my friend, enjoy the ride because we are not there yet!

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