Have You Experienced the Christian Honeymoon Stage? - Discover the Healing Power of Christian Meditation

Have You Experienced the Christian Honeymoon Stage?

Why so many Christians struggle with depression, anxiety, fear, and sin.

When you first came to Christ did it feel like God removed all the burdens, darkness, and weights from your life? Then years later, you started to struggle with some of the same issues before you became born again? If so, you are not alone. I believe that we Christians go through a Christian honeymoon stage, that eventually wears off. The way we handle this stage will determine whether we continue to grow in Christ or become a Christian in name only.  

Please leave any comments below. Have you experienced the honeymoon stage? Do you know what brought you out of it? 

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Here are links to some of the recommended tools in the video:

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The Christian Meditation Journal

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5 thoughts on “Have You Experienced the Christian Honeymoon Stage?”

  1. Rhonda—you nailed it! This is superb. This, too, has been on my heart. Thank you for this podcast.

  2. Stephanie Bivins

    Great message! Finally able to purchase the Christian Meditation Journal! Received it today!

  3. Sandra Johninson

    Thank you Rhonda Jones for your creative flow to help God’s people.

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