Praying the Promises of God Over Your Children

Praying The Promises Of God Over Our Children

By Beth Rimsticlt

Most people think that the world we live in is getting worse and worse each day. I’ve even heard some say that they wouldn’t bring children into this world or that they wish their children lived in the world they grew up in 30-50 years ago. Unfortunately many of these parents don’t realize that there is something they can do to safeguard their children from the evils that exist out there. It is called prayer. Most pray for protection and pray when they or their loved ones are in trouble. However, many parents never stop to think that they can pray each day for their children to ensure they will grow up to be the adults we want them to be. Yes, you can speak or (pray) words into existence for your child and it is never too late to begin.


You may wish for your child to grow up to be happily married or to become a selfless person who is always looking out for others but feel that these are just hopes or dreams that may never become reality. However when you turn these into prayers or declarations that are spoken out of your mouth they become much more than that. The bible has a lot to say about speaking words into existence and many of the great heroes did just that. But biblical characters had some special provision over their lives that we just don’t have today, correct? Nope, not at all. Biblical characters lived under the same God that we serve. The bible says he is the same today as he was yesterday and will be tomorrow. He never changes, therefore the promises he made to prophets, kings and ordinary people in the bible are the same promises he makes to us. We can confidently go before God knowing that even though divorce has run rampant in our family for generations, we can state out of our mouths that Susie will have a long and successful marriage that will last until she and her spouse are parted by death, knowing that God will intervene. You can even add the statement that she will find and marry the person God set apart for her that was meant for her and have confidence this will come to pass.


As parents we are called to safeguard our children and do everything we can to make sure they turn out to be the people God called them to be. However you and I both know that children cannot be controlled, coerced or forced to become the people we would like them to be. We do not have that kind of control which is good because I’d hate to be known as “The Enforcer” wouldn’t you? However there is someone who does have that kind of power, authority and control. As parents we have a choice to take matters into our own hands and try to manipulate our child’s world into the type of world that will create the child we want. Or we can give it over to God and tell him the type of child we would like to have. He will deliver as long as we aren’t asking for something out of his will- such as a famous movie star pulling in 10 million a year. If our prayer declarations are for an obedient child of God, or for a child that grows into an adult that breaks the cycle of poverty in our family then these will be heard and answered. We must be consistent and continually state our declarations to God to ensure the outcome we desire. We will then be pleasantly surprised when we wake up one day 2, 10 or even 20 years from now and find a strong willed, rebellious child asking for our opinion and wishing to know how they can help us!

Beth Rimstidt is a stay at home mom of two young children. She is passionate about helping parents teach children how to gain the favor of God by learning his promises, character and laws. As a result of her own experiences she has created a website dedicated to parents and educators seeking the way; truth and light in their children’s lives. For further information visit / to find free, kid friendly lessons that grab a child’s attention while teaching them God’s precious word.

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