What is Christian Spirituality?

Christian Spirituality

Here is an article I wrote on being a Spiritual Christian, please see below. This article should help you define Christian spirituality.  Aren’t all Christians spiritual? That seems like an odd question. Most would equate spirituality with Christianity, yet it’s possible to possess one and not the other. So what are the differences and what characteristics […]

How Does Christian Meditation Affect Other Aspects of Your Life?

bad mood

Meditation, specifically Christian meditation, has probably had the single most impact on my life. I believe that meditation whether Christian or not, can affect different aspects of your life. Before I discovered meditation, being still, and taking charge of my thought life, I suffered from a debilitating depression. I pretty much stumbled upon meditation one […]

How Can You Tell When You Go In Your Own Meditating Stage?

guarding your thoughts

Generally when starting to meditate the mind is very busy and tries to pull us away with many internal and external distractions. Using an anchor like a sacred word, the breath, or even a scripture can help us to quiet the mind and stay in the present moment. After about 10 minutes the mind tends […]

Are There Any Similarities Between the Early Stages of Depression and Spiritual Progress?

early stages of mild depression and spiritual progress

I would not say that there are similarities between mild depression and spiritual progress, but mild depression can lead to spiritual progress or awakening as the discontentment and pain associated with depression may lead you on an inward journey to find relief. That is what happened to me, but it took me 4-years to understand […]

Does Christian Meditation Have An Impact On Your Physical Health?

physical health

Meditation doesn’t just benefit your physical health. The benefits of meditation are numerous and well-rounded! Once you understand all of the benefits you might be interested in starting a meditation practice of your own. I find that without a proper understanding of meditation and it’s foundation techniques that many people give up before reaping all […]

Using Christian Meditation to Overcome Depression and Anxiety

Many people are struggling with depression and anxiety around the world. However, with the proper tools such as Christian meditation, anyone can overcome their depression. Thus, helping prevent future cycles of negative thinking.  Many years ago I suffered from four long years of depression that was extremely debilitating. Although Christians are supposed to have the […]

Another Reason to Appreciate Christian Meditation

Another reason to appreciate Christian Meditation

Yesterday I went to a daylong meditation retreat. I believe taking time out to pause, reflect, and reconnect with myself and Father God is essential to my well-being. Everything in the world is pulling us away from Christ and from building our lives in a spiritual foundation. If we don’t take charge of building our […]

10 Ways Christian Meditation Reduces Stress

Christian Meditation Reduces Stress

“I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.”  Did you know that almost 90% of illnesses are exacerbated by stress? Today, many physicians are now encouraging some form of meditation. The list of the positive physical benefits of meditation just keep […]

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