4 Steps to Getting Your Family Saved! Must Watch!

4 Steps to Getting Your Family Saved! Must Watch!


On September 11,  2014, I just spent about one hour praying for the healing, deliverance and salvation of my family, friends, and YOU my subscribers! My prayers consisted of binding the devil and praying in the Spirit over your lives. As I shared from my article yesterday, Is Your Heart Prepared to Meet God?,” I am on a quest to return back to the basics of my faith. For me that includes, spending more time in God’s Word, dwelling in his presence through meditation, consistent prayer, and walking in God’s power through surrendering to the Holy Spirit. I believe that if want to see change and miracles in my life, that I must activate the power of God through seeking Him with all my heart. God declares in Jeremiah 29:13, “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.”

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Yesterday, I watched this life changing video (below) that got me really pumped up! The title of the video is called “The Uncommon Core, How to Get Your Family Saved.” I don’t know about you but I have some family members who need salvation and deliverance from some things be it anger, confusion, etc.  Pastor Steve Cioccolanti of Discovery Ministries and creator of the video tells how he followed a specific teaching of Jesus that led to ALL his close family members being saved in one year. If you have family members who need the Lord and deliverance you’ll definitely want to watch and then implement the following steps (below) in your life. I have been a follower of Pastor Steve on youtube for some time and his messages are timely, powerful,  and relevant.

Pastor Steve starts off first by saying that our families are not saved by our testimonies, debating, or having discussions about God. He says that they are saved by the word of God only. That it is the word of God that penetrates of the heart, convicts of sin, and creates the desire for salvation.

Using the scriptures in Mark 16 he tells us exactly how to get our families saved.

“He said to them (Jesus), “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation. Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned. And these signs will accompany those who believe: In my name they will drive out demons; they will speak in new tongues; they will pick up snakes with their hands; and when they drink deadly poison, it will not hurt them at all; they will place their hands on sick people, and they will get well.”

Concentrating on the signs of those who believe, the Pastor tells us to do four things if we want to see our families and friends saved. These are:

1. Cast out demons
2. Pray in the Spirit
3. Be bold
4. Pray for the sick

In the video he goes into depth on all of these and gives lots of examples. I hope you will take the time to watch it as I believe it will change how you pray for yourself and well as your family. Please let me know what your thought of it in the comments after watching. I am very excited and believe I will have many testimonies to share.

About the video by Discovery Ministries:

Invest an hour of your time ~ what you learn now may mean eternal life for someone else! The ultimate purpose of all our Bible studying is to bring loved ones to Christ before the Day of Judgment. The most important people in our lives should come to Heaven with us. God answered my prayer by getting all of my immediate family saved within 1 year of my becoming a Christian. There were some things He led me to do and not do. In this teaching, I reveal to you how to break the devil’s power over their lives and how to share the Gospel effectively.

“From Buddha to Jesus” in English, Chinese, French, Indonesian, Thai (Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese to come).

Learn more at http://discover.org.au/

Please leave any comments below. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

2 thoughts on “4 Steps to Getting Your Family Saved! Must Watch!”

  1. It’s very good, I like it. We should have a Bible teacher in the local church like Ps Steve.
    I am very much encouraged and inspired by his teachings in these critical days.
    Praise be to God.

  2. I have watched the video and was fired up by it in fact I have been enjoying many of his videos.
    He is a very good teacher.
    Interestingly I used to pray by covering the person with the blood of the lamb as protection against the evil one and regularly ask God to despatch the heavenly host to route the enemy and his influence over them but rarely used tongues when praying for people.
    When I heard Steve teach I felt a witness in my spirit that I was almost right but some subtle changes needed to be made to be fully effective.
    1 what you bind on earth shall be bound in Heaven. Again interestingly I saw how we have to do it God just confirms it by doing it in Heaven. I have been learning recently that it is man who has dominion over the Earth not Satan or his principalities. God Himself will not over rule a man on the Earth but He does reserve the right to judge wether we have chosen wisely or not. Not even satan can rule on Earth unless he is invited by man to do so. This is an amazing faith builder.
    2 praying with understanding is limited to how much revelation we have in his word but praying in tongues is allowing the Spirit to intercede for what we do not yet understand. How powerful is that we pray with understanding once and then with tongues for what we do not yet know. Powerful. I now take the opportunity to pray in tongues as often as I am mindful.
    3 Being bold when I pray has gone up a notch. Praying for the impossible so to speak.
    Just last weekend I prayed about the storm that was heading from Vanuatu to NZ. I said in my spirit that rain we needed but a cat 5 storm we did not. By lunchtime Sunday the wind was starting to pickup and slowly I was beginning to doubt even to the extent of tying things up as wind was stating to blow things around. I went to lunch and was meditating on the whole issue, maybe I had got it wrong maybe God wanted to judge the nation etcetera. Then something happened inside me and I stood up and said No it ain’t over until the fat lady sings and burst into tongues. After which a peace had come into me.
    I went back to my office and not long later a director was leaving and passed by the office to inform me he was leaving and he looked at the trees and said, it looks like its starting to set in. Without thinking I responded with its ok I have downgraded it as we need the rain but not a storm, he looked at me with a wry smile and walked off probably wondering what the heck is he talking about.
    The end result was I never took any further notice but the wind pulled right back. The next day I purchased the newspaper as I wanted to know what the storm had got up to.
    In the second paragraph I read that the met service had that morning downgraded it to a cat 3 and I just punched the air and said thank you Lord.

    This is how that video has affected me. It has recharged my faith.

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