New Healing Prayer Video: The Lord is My Healer

New Healing Prayer Video: The Lord is My Healer

Are you in need of healing or know someone who is struggling with an illness? This week I created a new video titled, The Lord is my Healer: A Healing Prayer.  I created and dedicated this video for my daughter who has been suffering from debilitating headaches for the past 6 months. After taking numerous medications and trying to get help from doctors, I told her she needs to take this to Jesus.  I made the video to help her but it may help others as well. If you have the time, please agree with me in prayer that my daughter is healed, in Jesus Mighty Name! It’s on youtube and it’s free! There is both a narrated and a non-narrated version.


Video with Narration:


Video without Narration:


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3 thoughts on “New Healing Prayer Video: The Lord is My Healer”

  1. George Vetnar

    I have needed a mental creative healing breakthrough for 28 years (since the last time three such temporary creative healings were ever prayed through- something way too big for me to deal with). This all started only with a 1982 missionary trip for Jesus where all Hell broke loose with a massive demonic invasion mixed with nine years of often heavy psychiatric drug use (for bi-polar). This 1982 mental breakdown was totally destructive. In 2017, I still have zero picture memory and for years after 1982, I couldn’t even get coherent sentences together. Obviously my mind has healed in some ways- my journalistic writing ability has been amazingly restored, I have been a federal government employee for over 10 years, have been married for over 13 years and have even gotten two very helpful provisional patents. The big elephant in the room is this on-going, unmet need for more creative mental healing for probably the rest of my life for this extremely tormenting condition which still cuts me off from so much of a normal life- all because I loved Jesus and people enough to be a missionary/war relief worker helping to evangelize and rebuild the lives of 40,000 Lebanese war refugees way back in 1982. Please help to pray this thing through! George Vetnar

  2. It was a real blessing to me. I have dealt with chronic pain for many years. Being born with severe scoliosis and a club foot. I have had nine spinal surgeries and seven for the club foot, along with nine other surgeries for various things. Praise God that despite difficulties I have been blessed. I was fortunate enough to live my childhood dreams as a corporate pilot for a few years before losing my medical.

    Now my 30 year old daughter is suffering something quite severe. She has something called Chari Malformation. It is extremely rare and considered a birth defect. Yet it normally appears at around 30 years of age on average. It is where the cerebellum is allowed to descent into the spinal column. It can cause over 50 various symptoms that can be quite disabling. She has had two brain surgeries and there is no cure for it at this time. She has dealt with extreme migraines and other problems. I have forwarded your video to her and hope it blesses her as it did me.

    In the last year I have had an extremely difficult time physically and emotionally. But for the last month, with the prayers of many in my church, especially my pastor, I have received an extremely amazing blessing from God. A major part of that has been listening to your meditations. I have about seven of them, but my favorites are In His Presence, Abundantly Blessed, Secret Place and Control Negative Thoughts.

    Many a night I have listened to these meditations and have found myself in worship and praise, sometimes for an hour or more. Your meditations have helped to remove my racing thoughts at times when I am upset and overwhelmed. I have found more inner peace and strengthen of my faith. I want to thank you for your ministry and the work that you do.

  3. Thank you so very much for your email regarding the HEALING videos. God’s timing was perfect. I needed that Word from God. I typed of your presentation and will continue to read it daily.

    Thanks for being a blessing!

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