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btr_header_trans_x90On May 16, 2009- I was a guest on the GeoGee and Tasha BlogTalkRadio Show where I elaborated on the practice of Christian meditation and its benefits to the born-again believer. Many believers suffer from worry, stress, and mental clutter that interferes with a more fruitful walk with God. Listen to the show to learn more about Biblical meditation and show it can change your life! Listen Now!

2 thoughts on “Real Talk with Rhonda Jones”

  1. Jeff L. Robertson

    I would like to thank you for the insight and inspiration I received from listening to your showed that featured RHONDA JONES, the Christian Mediator!

    I enjoyed the questions asked by the host and I really enjoyed the topic. Rhonda is very knowledgeable about the subject of Christian meditation.

    As a born-again Spirit filled Christian, I too suffered from anxiety and depression. I turned to all sorts of remedies to get some relief. It was not until I did a GOOGLE search and found Rhonda’s website, ordered, and I started listening to her CDs, my anxiety and depression lifted, and I HAVE NOT BEEN THE SAME SINCE. That was about 2 years ago!

    Rhonda’s Meditation CDs are a MUST if you want to learn how to have a more intimate RELATIONSHIP with GOD through our LORD JESUS CHRIST!

    Jeff L. Robertson
    Upper Marlboro, Maryland

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