Scripture Meditation Introductory Course

8 Simple But Effective Tips to Bust a Bad Mood

In today’s hustle and bustle world, there comes a time where everyone gets put in a bad mood. Whether you wake up in a bad mood or someone causes you to be in one, the idea of being in a bad mood is inevitable. In reality, you can’t stop taking care of business because you […]


How to Use Christian Affirmations to Displace Unwanted Thoughts

Christian affirmations are a great way to overcome negative thoughts and renew your mind. If you find yourself battling with the same old bad habits or unhealthy behaviors chances are your mental script needs an overall. If our thoughts control our behavior, then we need to replace unhealthy thoughts with healthy thoughts by focusing on […]

Scripture Meditation Introductory Course

How to Break Free From Negative Thoughts

A mind that is filled with negative thoughts is like a dark cave that limits positive and faith-filled thoughts from entering in. Having a chronically negative thought life is a mental mindset that focuses more on what is wrong, than all that is right in our life.

Scripture Meditation Introductory Course

Meditate On These Things: Joyce Meyers on Meditation

Transcendental Meditation. Yoga. New Age. We hear these terms all the time, and they cause many Christians to avoid any reference to meditation. They’re afraid of the occult or pagan worship. What they don’t realize is how often the Bible urges us to meditate.

Scripture Meditation Introductory Course

A Godly View of Love and Relationships

Are you wondering if he is Mr. Right or she is the right one. This article takes a Biblical approach to knowing when you have met the person God has for you. Christian singles don’t settle on a fake when you can have the real thing.

Scripture Meditation Introductory Course

Try a Power Meditation

Try a Power Meditation Lately I have been practicing one of my meditation sessions a little differently.  Generally I try to meditate twice a day, one guided meditation (usually one of my Cds) and then a Centering Prayer meditation (a silent meditation using a sacred word to anchor my mind).  There are many benefits to […]