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Developing More Self Compassion for Yourself and Others

Self-compassion is really important. It means treating one’s self with understanding and kindness especially when you make a mistake, or go through a complex situation and the way you treat others you care about. Self-compassion is similar to self-esteem, but it is not about the way you are judging yourself, but the way you are …

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As a Christian, How Can I Become More Spiritual?

To become more spiritual as a Christian, you first should take a few moments and think about the changes that you would like to see in your life and consider your priorities. You might want to live with more peace and less stress, exercise more, or lose weight. You might want to eliminate your unhealthy …

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Christian Spirituality

What is Christian Spirituality?

Here is an article I wrote on being a Spiritual Christian, please see below. This article should help you define Christian spirituality.  Aren’t all Christians spiritual? That seems like an odd question. Most would equate spirituality with Christianity, yet it’s possible to possess one and not the other. So what are the differences and what characteristics …

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Spiritual Lifelessness

What is Spiritual Lifelessness?

I would characterize spiritual lifelessness as being ignorant to the ways and moves of the spirit in your life as well as your being. People are generally spiritual lifeless because they: Don’t know that God’s spirit lives in them. Aren’t seeking to connect with the spirit within them. Are distracted by the material and physical …

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