Worry and Anxiety Keeping You Up At Night?

I am the blessed parent of three wonderful daughters and a grandson.  Even though they are all in their early to mid-twenties, it doesn’t feel like much has changed except their size and problems.

About 3 a.m. her time, (she lives in NY) I get a call from my oldest.  I’ve learned over the years that early morning calls aren’t social but calls for help. You never know what you’re going  to hear on the other line.

After the initial, “Hi Mom” that woke me from a deep sleep, the wimpering begins, “Mom, I can’t sleep and I haven’t been able to sleep all week and I have to go to work in the morning and I’m so tried and I don’t know what’s wrong.”  After spending the next 10
minutes trying to discover what could be the cause of her insomnia, we prayed for God’s peace and protection and I emailed her an mp3 download of one of my favorite meditations, “When I Close My Eyes to Sleep.”

The next morning, or at daybreak, calling her to find out how the rest of her night went, I was greeting with a cheery hello.  “We’ll, were you able to fall asleep?” I asked.  “Did you listen to the meditation I sent you?”

“Yes, mom and within 15 minutes of listening to it I fell asleep.”

“Praise God, I told you they work!” I replied.

This is probably the first time my daughter has listened to even “one” of my meditations. You know the scripture, a prophet is without honor only in his own community. Although I’m not happy that that my daughter could not sleep all week, I am thankful that God used this opportunity to demonstrate his love and power in a real and practical way.

Well, another testimony to the wonderful benefits of Biblical  meditation and relaxation right out of my “own” household!

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  • You never know, when a seed you have planted will blossom! Praise Him.

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