Christians and the Law of Attraction: Demystifying The Secret

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Christians and the law of attraction has generated a lot of interest in recent years, especially since the movie, “The Secret” was released. According to “The Secret”, you must believe that you have already received what you asked for. I’m talking about faith. Faith is the substance of things hoped for that evidence of things not seen. Your faith is not in yourself or your own abilities. The scriptures tell us to have faith in God. That is where the power lies, but it’s your faith that stirs it up and releases it. Be specific but give room for the unexpected. Therefore asking for a job you love, working with people you love, and that pays you exceedingly well, maybe better than asking for a particular position that may pay well but does not possess loving coworkers or in an optimal working environment.

Step three is to receive. The scriptures tell us to, “speak those things that are not as though they were.” Again Jesus said, believe that you have received it and you shall have it. Before anything can manifest on earth, it must first be manifested in heaven- the spiritual realm. Therefore you must see and imagine that your desire has arrived or already taken place. Begin to act as if it is already done by visualizing how you would feel or creating a mental picture of your desired results. What would it feel like to be working in your dream job or spending time with your desired companion? If you are seeking more confidence, visualize yourself speaking in front of a large audience that is captivated by your every word. If you asked to be debt free, imagine your bank statement showing a large sum of money in your account. Visualize and feel your desires at least once per day.

Another component of receiving is waiting on the promise. Jesus said we walk by
faith and not by sight. The scriptures tell us that through faith and patience we will inherit what God has promised. Give God the time and opportunity to bring your desires to fruition. Don’t dig up your seed before it has time to grow. Don’t let others or discouragement steal your seed as well. Affirm often, “Whatsoever “good” thing I touch shall prosper. Notice I emphasized the word “good” because we can cause bad thoughts, ideas, and actions to prosper as well. God’s universal law says that we will reap what we sow. Be careful to observe thoughts and feelings and eliminate any mind patterns or repetitive thinking that is contrary to your true desires. Always affirm in the positive. As you wait with gratitude and joy, be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading and direction. Follow any steps of faith or unction in your spirit that God of places on your heart. Dispel all fear, which is the opposite of faith. Fear is inevitable but as Joyce Meyers proclaims in her seminars, “do it afraid.”

Focus on what it is you want, and not what you don’t have. Let those thoughts
become larger. If you plant seed-thoughts of fear then you will receive more the fear. Whatever you dwell or focus on will expand. Weed out negative thoughts or
debilitating mind sets through daily meditation and use of relevant scriptures. Keep the vision alive by spending a few moments each day meditating on your desired outcomes, goals or vision. See, taste, and feel your vision as if it were already here. Then release it to God. Obsession, worry, or unsolicited activity will not manifest your desires any faster. Release your vision to the wisdom and power of God and trust him to manifest your desires in a perfect way at the appointed time. Then spend the rest of your days walking in a spirit of love, joy, peace, and contentment. Know that God has given you everything you need for joy and happiness, and the accumulation of things will never satisfy an empty heart.

Learn to live in the moment- enjoying and appreciating the blessings in your life
today while you prepare to receive more in the future. For godliness with
contentment is great gain. Never let the accumulation of things or new circumstances out shadow your love and commitment to Christ. For it is God who gives you all things richly to enjoy. The Bible warns us not to worship the creation, but instead to worship the creator. Every good and perfect gift comes from the father and there is no regret associated with it. A gift is something that is freely given to you and not something that you strive for. God is your source and your supply, look to him for all that you need and he will bless you a according to your faith and his unlimited riches and glory. Ask, believe, and receive, but don’t neglect to give God the glory as you wait, weed, and live each day with joyful contentment.

Rhonda Jones, MA is the author of 23 Biblical meditation and affirmation Cds and the creator of the awarding winning website,  Visit her website to learn more about Christian meditation and its benefits and subscribe to Free Daily Christian Meditations.

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