Can Christians Use the Law of Attraction and Visualization to Create Greater Success?

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Everyone wants to live a more successful life, but many people are unaware of the proper tools that can help. By focusing on the law of attraction, having a vision plan, and practicing Christian meditation you will see a change in the way you live your life. 

What do you what to achieve? Whether you want to advance in your career, lose weight, get healthier, find your dream mate, or travel the world, it all begins with a dream and a vision. 

Many of us work really hard to create and manifest the things that we want, but there is an easier way. The scriptures tell us to write the vision on the wall, to speak it into existence, to meditate on it (imagine it), and have faith it will happen. If you noticed, all of these activities begin on the inside of us, not the outside.  

When it comes to manifesting our dreams, we tend to go the outer route. We’ll read lots of books, listen to the gurus, develop a business plan, and even create plans of action. In addition, often we’ll jump from one source to another seeking wisdom and advice. By the end of the day, we’re simply just more frustrated and confused!

Depending upon what you are trying to manifest, these may be necessary steps. It’s definitely important to learn and get the best information. However, many of us never move past the learning, wanting, and looking stages. 

Before our dreams and visions can become our reality, they must be deeply planted within our hearts and minds, where they have a chance to take root and grow, not on the outside, but on the inside. If not, we can easily give in to fear, doubt, discouragement, and resistance.

It takes working smarter and not harder to manifest the dreams you want, and this begins with your internal senses: imagination, feeling, thinking, speaking, and getting them all in alignment with what you want to achieve.

Visualization: Focused Use of your Imagination

Some Christians are concerned about the use of visualization and the imagination in meditation. I have quite a few meditations where I use this technique. The great thing about visualization in guided meditations is that it can bypass the consciousness mind that acts as a filter. Sometimes our conscious mind has a hard time embracing new information. If it can’t put its finger around it, then it will reject it. Its job (the mind) is to protect us and keep the status quo. Unfortunately, the status quo isn’t always what’s in our best interest. This is one reason that affirmations may not work. It’s just as important to cancel out and deny our limiting beliefs or fears as it is to claim good and positive outcomes. As Jesus said, we can’t put new wine into old wine skins as both will be ruined. 

Imagery As a Form of Language

Our subconscious mind often assimilates information in the form of images, pictures, and visuals. It speaks that language really well. Therefore, using images in meditation can often produce results that mere words can’t. For example, I have one meditation where I have people visualize themselves in a boat with lots of rocks (cares and worries) weighing it down. As I have people throw the rocks overboard you can feel yourself becoming lighter. Other meditations may include spending time with Christ, nature, and experiencing God’s healing light which all use the imagination.  Imagery can also be used for describing pain. It makes it more tangible and easier to release. Actually seeing pain leaving your body is very powerful. Healing lights from God or the Holy Spirit can bring warmth, comfort, and well-being. As long as our meditations invoke God or the Holy Spirit, I see no problem with using imagery. God gave us our imagination and told us to visualize, and we can do it for his glory. God said He will do exceedingly abundantly what we can “imagine” or think, so why not put it to good use to get our desires met from the Lord.  I always like to preface meditation with saying that it is just a “tool,” and not the end all be all. Our goal is always to grow closer to the Lord and the greatest reward we can obtain is a close walk with Christ. As believers, we don’t meditate to gain enlightenment or become one with the universe. We meditate because we love the Lord and want to be “one spirit” with Him. We meditate so we can more fully embrace his word. We meditate so we can contemplate his glory and wonderful works because through meditation we learn to clear out a greater space to know and experience Him. Christian Meditation allows us to move all the other junk, mental clamor and chatter, out of the way. Through time, meditating, and using affirmations we will see how God, our faith in God, and the Law of Attraction through visualization has given us a vast amount of new beautiful gifts to be thankful for.
visualize your way to success

Visualize Your Way to Success

Much like a car, our brains are hot-wired to perform in a specific way. When learning a new skill, like playing an instrument, at first it may feel awkward strumming the strings or playing the notes, but as we continue to play, our brain actually forms dendrites or pathways that create memory. Therefore, the more we practice a skill, the easier it gets. After a while it becomes second nature, we don’t even have to think much about it.

When learning a new skill or positive habit this often works to our advantage as new tasks will become easier and easier. However, we can also learn destructive or unhealthy habits that can work against us as well, especially when it comes to unlearning them. Just like our brains memorize our repetitive positive actions; it also memorizes our negative ones, making it even more difficult to change. These bad behaviors are engrained into our brains or sub-consciousness and we often do them automatically and without much thought until after the fact. That’s when we become discouraged or disgusted with ourselves and ask, “Why do I keep doing the same thing, even though I make a conscious effort not to?”

One way to counteract or change negative behaviors or habits is to visualize yourself acting opposite or how you usually react or by creating a new ending to your common, reoccurring behaviors. Let’s use food as an example. You may have a habit of eating poorly around 3 p.m. everyday. You are well aware of this and every morning you declare that today will be different. You will resist the urge to snack at 3 p.m.

Well 3 p.m. rolls around and the sensation to eat something overtakes you and the temptation is just too hard to resist. Or maybe you eat great when at home because you don’t buy junk food, but have a hard time passing up the donuts in the staff lounge or at friend’s home. The time to control this behavior is not when you are confronted with the food, but before the temptation arises. Here’s how:

For the next several weeks and at least twice a day, visualize yourself saying no or resisting when tempted to eat poorly and then see yourself elated about not giving in. Scientists say that the brain doesn’t distinguish imagination or visualization from reality.  It’s just like thinking about a lemon can make your mouth water or thinking about a gruesome crime can make you nauseated. So every time you say no to temptation, even in your imagination, you’re building new memorizes or dendrites to support your new behavior.

When it comes to bad habits, there are often triggers that bring out the worst in us or our deep seated insecurities. It’s helpful also if you can identify the triggers, which will enable you to act instead of react when they arise. For example, everyday at 3 p.m. you may feel a sensation of boredom and melancholy and seek out food for comfort. By knowing your triggers, you can use it as a part of your visualization to overcome specific behaviors.

Again, use your mind, imagination, and visualization to create new endings to your bad habits. Using the above example, during your 3-5 minute visualization, see yourself being overtaken with boredom and the desire to eat for comfort, and then imagine the inner turmoil you may feel. Next imagine yourself saying no to the temptation or talking to yourself, encouraging you not to give in. After that, imagine yourself replacing the bad habit with something positive like taking a walk around the block or drinking a tall glass of water. Do this several times a day for the next few weeks to give your brain time to memorize your new behavior.  You will find that the visualization will transfer to your actual reality, meaning, when you begin to feel compelled to grab a treat, your brain may reach for the water or suggest taking a walk instead. You can use visualization to curb many types of automatic responses or emotional addictions like shyness, overworking, overcoming anger, and more.

I have outlined the steps below:

  1. Identify the behavior you want to change.
  2. Identify any triggers that usually happen that prompt the above behavior.
  3. For 3-5 minutes begin the visualization by imagining the behavior, trigger, and the inner conflict that arises within you.
  4. Visualize choosing a different response than normal or the complete opposite.
  5. In your imagination follow through with the new response or behavior.
  6. Imagine how good it feels to be successful. See others congratulating you.
  7. Repeat often.

Creating a Vision Plan for Your Life

Write the Vision & Give it Life

Just recently God told me to create a vision chart. The chart contained pictures, scriptures, words, and phrases that represented my desired life’s direction. It encompassed core areas including my career, social life, health, recreation, spirituality, education, relationships, and self care. To create my vision chart I perused favorite magazines and cut out images and words that resonated in my heart.  Creating a Christian vision plan  gave me a keen sense of focus and empowerment regarding my future. Although my life was not aimless, it had no tangible  road map. I posted my vision chart in a prominent place and each morning upon rising I speak to my vision and tell it to come forth.

Habukah 2:2 counsels us to write the vision on the wall and make it plain so that those who reads it will run with it. Though the vision may tarry, it shall come to pass, says the Lord. This scripture implies several important truths. First, God wants us to create a written vision for our life and He wants us to post it so that it will inspire us as well as others. Secondly, having a vision creates movement. Those with a vision are more likely to take action and do what is necessary to fulfill their goals. Having a vision can also galvanize people to stand with you and offer support. Lastly, God said that your vision shall be fulfilled at the appointed time. Therefore, creating a vision plan is a guaranteed recipe for success. Don’t get in a hurry or hung up on time. Your vision must come to pass.

Speak to Your Vision: Your Words are Power and Life

In the beginning was the word, and the word was God, and the word with God, and the word became flesh and dwelt among man. Before God created the heavens and the earth he had a vision in mind. But it was not until he spoke it out of his mouth that the vision was full-filled. Every great ideas begins in your mind. But that is where it will stay unless you bring it forth by the words you use. Speak to your vision with relevant scriptures and positive affirmation. Your words have power and are alive. The Bibles says that whatever a man speaks from his heart shall come to pass. Therefore, choose words that manifest your vision instead of suppressing or hindering it.

An Ear to Hear: Use ALL of your senses

Even if you have no idea how you will accomplish your vision, just writing it down and making it concrete sets your creative energies and the power of the universe in motion. Proverbs tells us that a man plans his ways, but it is God who orders his steps. Each day I ask God to give me an ear to hear, eyes to see, and wisdom to discern any opportunities He may be sending my way that support my vision plan. Be sensitive to individuals, resources, information, and literature that come across your path. Always be obedient to the still small voice in your heart that may be nudging you to take a particular course of action. God says he will make our way prosperous and cause our plans to succeed if we will put our trust in Him.

Good Fight of Faith: Don’t Let Anything Steal Your Vision

Don’t let anything deter your from your vision. Matthew illustrates just how quickly you can lose sight of your vision. One day a sower sowed the word and immediately the enemy came to still the word out of his heart. I want to emphasize the word, “immediately.” Once you have created your vision chart, thoughts of self-doubt, fear, and inadequacy will try to discourage you from going forward. Your vision is your seed to success. Be careful not to let negative thoughts pull up your seeds before they have had time to take root and grow a harvest. Memorize the scripture, “God has not given me a spirit of fear, but of power, of love and of a sound mind,” and use it disingrate any fearful thoughts that plague you.

A Vision Plan Brings Clearer Focus

A vision plan focuses your efforts. I created my vision plan on a large cardboard paper canvas. It only had room for so much. In other words, it created boundaries for my vision. I wasn’t writing or pasting pictures on the area outside the canvas. I had to be selective and create my vision based on my heartfelt priorities. If you make your vision too broad or large it may overwhelm you instead of catapult you into action. Therefore, get quiet and do some soul searching. Your vision should truly reflect your authentic self. You can always update your vision as you accomplish your goals or change your desires. If you can’t fill up your vision chart, just start with one corner and add to it when impressed upon. If charts don’t appeal to you, at least make a list of your goals and post it in a prominent location and read it each day. 

Seek Balance in All Areas of Your Life

Your life is not one dimensional. You are spirit, soul, and body so you want to make sure that your vision plan reflects your whole self. If you spend too much time focused on one or several areas, most likely other aspects of your life are going to suffer. When creating your chart look at each area of your life and access your satisfaction level with each category. For example, you may feel very happy with your career, but believe that your social life needs an overhaul. Strive to create balance by creating a vision of how you’d like each quadrant of your life to look and resist the temptation to put all your energies in one basket.

Stomp Out Fear and Walk by Faith

Fear is the greatest hindrance to our vision. We fear failure, people’s judgments, making the wrong decisions, and the unknown. However, inaction keeps us from moving into future blessings. If you are having a difficult time making a decision regarding an aspect of your vision, get still, quiet your mind, and ask yourself, “is fear hindering me from moving forward?” If the answer is yes then dispel the fear and take the appropriate action. A popular book is titled, “feel the fear and do it anyway.” Don’t let fear stand between you and your dreams.

Live in the Present Moment

You’ve probably heard the saying that life is what’s happening while your waiting for some future accomplishment, desire, or situation to take place. Your life is right now at this very moment. Ask God to help you to enjoy the blessings in your life today. Live consciously by giving your full attention to everything you do. Use daily meditation to help you to quiet your mind and eliminate the incessant thoughts that causes you to constantly project on the future or obsess on the past. Many people spend their whole life for some future goal, not realizing that their life is a journey that is unfolding one day at a time. Break the cycle by having an attitude of contentment and gratitude. 

Reinvent Yourself: Erase the Canvas and Paint a New Picture

Just like an artist paints a new picture using a blank canvas, you can reinvent yourself and create the life you want. Refuse to allow negative people or self-doubt to tie you to your past. You can recreate or revamp your life by creating a new picture or vision. Creating a vision plan and then nurturing your plan by following the tips in this article will help you to make your dream a reality. Proverbs says that where there is no vision the people perish or have no restraint. A vision plan will add meaning to your life. It will give you a sense of purpose.

Christians and The Law of Attraction

I love the law of attraction and believe it to be a very powerful tool, but it is not like a genie in a bottle. You cannot claim or wish for something and think it will happen right away; however, you can use the law of attraction to create intentions for your life and as these intentions begin to grow and develop, everything you need to make your intentions become a reality will begin to flow to you easily and effortlessly.

So for example, you want to start a specific business but instead of just randomly letting the business develop, you decide you’re going to create this business using the law of attraction. First, you set the intention for your business. For example, “I am the new owner of … and my business will…

Secondly, using your intention, write down exactly how you see your business in your mind. Using many details write down how one area of your business will unfold or operate. You can even create (write about) your ideal business day.

Next, spend some time each day visualizing yourself moving through these very motions as mental pictures or mind movies. You can do this with all aspects of the business. Don’t leave anything to chance.

I have a Manifesting Journal that is broken down by the key areas in my life: health, business, family and friends, love life, my ideal days, etc. In each section, I have created detailed stories for how I want my life to unfold in these areas. I also have a manifesting meditation that I created and each day during my Spirit Care Morning Routine, I will pick one of my topics and visualize it happening in my mind as if I already have it. I can tell you that this really works. I have manifested many things using this method.

The goal with the law of attraction is not to claim something and see it happen instantaneously (not saying that can’t happen) but to rehearse it in your mind so many times that you REALLY KNOW it will happen, because in the spirit it already has (over and over). Once you are convinced of it, it’s only a matter of time before it will manifest itself. As you do, you move closer and closer to your vision and it becomes your reality, but not by a magic formula.

Don’t get hung up on time either. The Bible says that with faith and patience we manifest/inherit the promise (our personal promise land). It’s all about loving the journey you’re on and not getting too hung up on the outcome. It’s fun seeing what shows up in your life and the little signs that are directing you towards manifesting your intention (a phone call, a random meeting, a picture in a magazine, an inner urge to do something). Be always on the lookout for these. Once you achieve what you desire, to stay happy and at peace, you’ll still have to embrace the joy of each moment and ward off fear and doubt.

I love that the Bible says that God’s words cannot return void and we are made in God’s image. We are co-creator with God and through the power of Jesus words all things were created and maintained. We don’t realize the power that we have, but it must be channeled.

I came to the realization that I wanted to create my life and not let my life happen to me and I began using these tools to first create my life in the spiritual realm first, as everything first begins in the imagination. The scriptures say speak those things that be not as though they were.

So to answer your question, no it is not forcing, it is creating what you want. I always live by the disclaimer that if God has something better for me, I will follow His lead as he knows best, so it’s a win-win situation all around.

One last caution, instead of just wanting and claiming many things that the world tells you will bring happiness (cars, money, big homes), go inward and find what will bring you real peace, purpose, and fulfillment, it is not outside of you. Not sure where to start, ask God, and then get still so you can listen. Also, I would establish a daily meditation practice to help you with this.

The Law of Attraction means you must believe that you have already received what you asked for. Meaning you must have faith in God that he is listening to you and wants you to meet all your desires. So, what exactly is faith? Faith is the substance of things hoped for that evidence of things not seen. Your faith is not in yourself or your own abilities.

The Steps:
  1. Visualize Receiving – The scriptures tell us to, “speak those things that are not as though they were.” Again Jesus said, believe that you have received it and you shall have it. Before anything can manifest on earth, it must first be manifested in heaven – the spiritual realm. Therefore, you must see and imagine that your desire has arrived or already taken place. Begin to act as if it is already done by visualizing how you would feel or creating a mental picture of your desired results. Visualize and feel your desires at least once per day.
  2. Waiting on the Promise – Another component of receiving is waiting on the promise. Jesus said we walk by faith and not by sight. The scriptures tell us that through faith and patience we will inherit what God has promised. Give God the time and opportunity to bring your desires to fruition. Don’t dig up your seed before it has time to grow. Don’t let others or discouragement steal your seed as well. Affirm often, “Whatsoever good thing I touch shall prosper.”
  3. Weed out Negativity – Focus on what it is you want, and not what you don’t have. Let those thoughts become larger. If you plant seeds that are your thoughts of fear then you will receive more fear. Whatever you dwell or focus on will expand. Weed out negative thoughts or debilitating mind sets through daily meditation and use of relevant scriptures. Keep the vision alive by spending a few moments each day meditating on your desired outcomes, goals, or vision. See, taste, and feel your vision as if it were already here. Then release it to God.
  4. Contentment – Learn to live in the moment- enjoying and appreciating the blessings in your life today while you prepare to receive more in the future. For godliness with contentment is great gain. Never let the accumulation of things or new circumstances out shadow your love and commitment to Christ. For it is God who gives you all things richly to enjoy. The Bible warns us not to worship the creation, but instead to worship the creator. Every good and perfect gift comes from the father and there is no regret associated with it.

 Through time, meditating, and using affirmations we will see how God, our faith in God, and the Law of Attraction through visualization has given us a vast amount of new beautiful gifts to be thankful for.

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