Overcoming Worry and Anxiety at Its Source

Overcoming Worry and Anxiety at Its Source


Did you know that learning to overcome worry and anxiety means to take authority over our thoughts as well as understanding the mind, body, and spirit connection.  In fact, everything in our life is interconnected and when something is out of order in one area, it affects all areas.  The scripture refers to this in John, where it says, if one part of the body suffers, then the whole body suffers.  That is why worry not only affects our minds, but our bodies as well. And constant worry and stress will take a toll on us physically and emotionally.

When we feel stressed or worried, it is important to find the source of the problem and then eradicate, nip it, squash it, or cut it out; whatever is necessary to remove it from our sub-consciousness mind.

So what do I mean by finding the source?  If you are feeling anything other than peaceful and joyous, something that you may not even realize is the culprit. Something may be buried deep in your spirit that is causing you to feel anxious and out of sorts.  It is important to do some digging, reflection, and quiet contemplation to figure out what is bothering you.

You may be fully conscious of what is bugging you as well.  Perhaps you are worried about finances or the tension in a relationship. Even then, you want to pin-point the exact thought leading the emotion you’ll feeling.  That thought could be, “I can’t pay a particular bill,” or “I just don’t like my spouse right now.” If the latter is the case, then you have to ask yourself, “Why?”  What did they do to make you feel this way? Get very clear and specific here. Until we pin-out the source of our discomfort, it’s just vague pens and needles in a cushion; sticking us here and there: ouch!  Narrowing them down and acknowledging them gives you the ability to take whatever action necessary to eliminate them.

If you have a gnawing feeling in your body or gut, it is important that you stop whatever you’re doing and deal with it.  Leaving these feelings unattended gives them license to grow and leaves you vulnerable to other doubts and fears which can turn into depression and hopelessness.

I know from practicing Biblical meditation what it feels like to be at total peace.  So when that peace is disturbed, it is very easy for me to recognize it and do everything in my power to get it back.  Some of us have lived with stress and worry so long that true peace eludes us. We’ve just adapted to living in the chaos.  But that’s not God’s best or is purpose for us. He wants us to have piece that passes all understanding.

The Bible says it is the little foxes that destroy the vine.  It’s those little destructive thoughts that obtrusively plant their seeds in our unguarded soil, our minds. And because we don’t pull them up, they begin to grow and choke out our faith and peace.

Oftentimes what is bothering us has to do with another person, a child, friend, or spouse, and instead of talking to that person in love, we hold it all in allowing our concern to fester.  Just sharing the issue, even if a solution is not reached will go a long way in releasing stress and tension.  I always feel better when all the cards our on the table even if I don’t have the winning hand.  At least from that point, we have starting point to build upon.

Here are some suggestions for overcoming worry and anxiety.

1. Stop whatever you are doing and give your full attention to getting your peace back. Nothing is more important.

2. Identify the source of what is bothering you. It will always transpire from a single thought. Dig down through all the extraneous side issues until you reach the culprit responsible for what you are feeling. This may require getting still before the Lord and asking Him to reveal what’s going on, some inner contemplation, or doing some reflecting over the day.

3. Once you have identify the source, decide how you want to deal with it.  Do you need to talk to a loved one and share in love what is on your heart? Perhaps it is an attack of the enemy getting you to doubt God in a specific area.

4. If the thought is fear-based, anything not of faith is fear; it’s time to gear up your ammunition.  Find a scripture in the Bible that challenges the fear. You only need one. Then begin to repeat the scripture throughout the day.  Repeat it with authority. Repeat is in boldness.  Even if you don’t really believe it, repeat it anyway. Yell it out if you have to. Speak to that mountain of fear and tell it to jump into the sea.  Continue to meditate on this scripture until it becomes real to you in spite of your current circumstances and the way things appear to be. Repeat it ALL week if you have too and don’t stop until you truly believe it.

5. Know that your words, thoughts, and emotions have the power to change your circumstances (for good or bad), but you still need to let patience have her perfect work. We’re on a faith walk. Things happen in the spiritual first and then manifest in the natural. So believe by faith, it is already done.

6. Incorporate deep breathing to eliminate toxic emotions from your body.  Once you identify the thought and emotion, exhale it right out of your body.

7. Live in the present moment.  I truly believe that unhappiness is a result of judging or resisting what is. You may not like your present circumstances but you can still have joy through it, by focusing on right now.  Right now, at this very moment, all is well.

8. Try to look at your life as an adventure instead of a neatly mapped out plan.  Adventures give rise to excitement and change.  So what if you’re a little inconvenienced for a while.  Just go with the flow and have some fun along the way.  You may learn something new and wonderful about yourself and life in general.

If you need some guidance through this process, purchase my meditation CD, Eliminating Toxic Emotions. This meditation guides you through the process of identify those gnawing and crippling thoughts and eliminating them from your mind, which will in turn restore your peace.  Click on the title to learn more or order Diffusing Toxic Emotions as a tool to overcoming worry and anxiety.

Rhonda Jones, MA is the author of 23 Biblical meditation and affirmation Cds and the creator of the awarding winning website, https://thechristianmeditator.com.  Visit her website to learn more about Christian meditation and its benefits and subscribe to Free Daily Christian Meditations.

1 thought on “Overcoming Worry and Anxiety at Its Source”

  1. Hi Rhonda,
    Typo? It’s 1 Corinthians rather than John

    Weed out the thought? Or just observe it and let it be (Matt 13v29) ?

    Asking Him to reveal (cast light) on the seed (that is causing the thought, that is causing the feeling) so that I can see it during vipassana meditation is a good practice! I’ll try it.

    Repeating a single thought (verse) again and again (a mantra) sows it in my subconscious. It then sprouts up from the subconscious in a totally unforced way. Sow, then reap.

    “Mark8v28” 🙂

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