Who told you that you were naked?

Who Told You That You Were Naked?

by Rhonda Jones

Several weeks ago, almost out of the blue, I was hit with a wave of disappointment and self-pity. The blissfulness that I had been experiencing quite regularly in that moment came to a sudden end when my life seemed a lot less than stellar. I felt only discontentment and heaviness.

But what happened? Where did it come from? How could I be walking in the clouds one minute and feeling total lack and hopelessness the next? For the next few hours I found myself questioning everything. I pondered what things “I” could do to change my circumstances, circumstances that had no relevance just hours prior. I also began to contemplate my perceived misfortune. What had I done to deserve it and why wasn’t God doing anything about it?

In an instance, like a thief in the night, the enemy used a weak point, a compromised spiritual immune system to subtly plant seeds that created feelings of lack, doubt, and despair. Instead of appreciating the blessings of the present moment, my mind/ego/self plummeted into the illusions of what wasn’t or what could be, all from a quiet and invasive trigger that I was, in that moment, ill- prepared for.

With no reprieve in sight, I finally just went to bed. There was no way of changing anything that night, the next day, or the next week. I truly was at the mercy of God and his will for my life. In an act of surrender I turned my feelings over to the Lord, took some deep breathes, and fell asleep listening to a Christ-centered mindfulness meditation to help me disconnect from the drama that was occupying my mind.

I remember tossing and turning during the night, most likely due to some of the feelings I had brought into my sleep. Then at the dawn of light, before I even had a chance to open my eyes, so clearly the following words rang in my ear as they were impressed upon my heart, “Who Told You That Your Were Naked?” I pondered the question. Where did it come from? The Holy Spirit of course, but what relevance did it have upon what I was experiencing. So I lay there, contemplating it over and over again, “WHO told you that you were naked?” Immediately I felt at peace.

The rest of this article addresses this very question.

Before the fall of Adam and Eve they lived a blissful life in the Garden of Eden. All their needs were met and provided for from the fruits of the garden, with their only job being to tend and enjoy it. During various times of the day, particularly evening, they walked with Yah in the cool of the garden, fellow-shipping and abiding with Him. Health, abundance, peace of mind, and wholeness were their divine right. They lived in purity, happiness, and harmony.

Corrupted By the Serpent Seed

But there was also a serpent in the garden who began to whisper in their ears, (paraphrasing) “You are not good enough, God is holding back from you, you are missing out on life, you could have more!” According to the serpent, there was a remedy to all this. All they had to do was to take their life into their own hands. It was as simple as eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, a concept they had yet to know. Once they partook of this simple act, they would be like God. They would possess all that God was trying to keep from them. Then their lives would really be complete.

At first they rejected these notions/lies, but with ongoing coaxing from their enemy, they did the very thing Yah told them not to do, they ate and in doing so opened the door, giving the enemy direct preeminence over their lives. No more was it just a whisper or a suggestion, they had birthed within them the serpent seed itself and in an instant they gave up their God nature, falling from grace and corrupting their very souls and the souls of all who followed them. You and me.

Immediately, they knew it, and they covered their bodies with shame. It reads in Genesis 3:

Then the man and his wife heard the sound of the Lord God as he was walking the garden in the cool of the day, and they hid from the Lord God among the trees of the garden. But the Lord God called to the man, “Where are you?” He answered, I heard you in the garden, and I was afraid because I was naked; so I hid.”

And he (God) said, “Who told you that you were naked? Have you eaten from the tree that I command you not to eat from?”
In the constructs of the mind, we are continually inundated with that same question in slightly different versions,“Who told you that you were naked?” All you need to do is change the last word to see what I mean…

Who told you have you weren’t enough?
Who told you that you needed more stuff?
Who told you that you are a failure?
Who told you that you were missing out on ______?

Fill in your own word, “Who told you that you were __________? And if you do this or that, you will find ________. ( Again fill in the blank). Who told you this GRAND LIE and DECEPTION and continues to tell you what’s wrong with your life, day in and day out? Who told you?

I think we all know the answer to that question. The same entity who told Eve that she was missing out on life and that if she followed the serpent’s advice, she’d have what she really desired. God wasn’t enough.

Giving attention to these types of questions keep us from trusting Yah as the source all that we need: peace, joy, contentment, abundance, and more. Because we believe that we are naked, flawed, empty, lacking, or whatever the case may be, we are tempted again and again to eat the forbidden fruit that’s only purpose is to move us further from our creator and to seek after the creation/illusion instead of the creator.

It promises us more, but in the end it takes and takes. It leaves us truly naked and depleted, and out of the auspices of God’s protection and covering. Ultimately, when we begin to feel lack in our life, we have stepped out of Eden and have bought into the whispers of our enemy, who talks to us continually through the self and the ego/mind.

That very act of disobedience between Adam and Eve changed the course of history and our intimate relationship with God. At that moment, they (Adam and Eve) made a spiritual contract with our enemy, giving him permission, the very key to, our soul.

There entered the curse – complete and total access to our mind. Now we all struggle with an inner-battle, almost daily. A voice in our head so prevalent that we have a difficult time discerning what is real and what is not. It talks to us about the past, the future, our shortcomings, our pain. It judges and criticizes. It’s unhappy and discontent. And it’s main objective is to hijack our soul and take it over for its own pleasure and our destruction.

Even when we are aware of it, it’s so easy to get caught up in its every story/drama/illusion. Often, because we take ownership of the voices, we believe them, we act upon them, we become them, and we keep them alive by the constant programming we encounter daily through the media, etc. Lack of awareness is the enemies’ greatest weapon; therefore, keeping us in the dark to his tactics is in his best interest.

Yet just beyond the veil is freedom. Christ, through His death and resurrection, bought back the key to our soul and has redeemed us from the “works of the enemy.” However, our redemption is only as good as our knowledge of it and the ability to effectively fight for what is owed us, to fight an invisible war, the war of our mind, and all the scriptures point us in this direction…renew the mind, guard the mind, subdue the mind… for it is the gateway, the Trojan horse of our destruction and spiritual demise.

Christ is the way, the truth, and the light? Why do you think he is called the light of the world? Because he is our way out of the matrix. If we keep our eyes and minds stayed upon Him He will keep us in perfect peace and protect us from being led astray by the mental intrusions and invasions of our enemy. Take our eyes off of Him, and we can easily lose our way.

We are not naked; we are deceived. And until we open our spiritual eyes and remove the scales that blind us, by searching for and seeking after God with all our hearts and separating ourselves from the world and it’s stories, lies, and illusion, we shall remain in darkness always feeling naked and that there is something else out there that we need more than Yah himself.

Nakedness is a Fallen State

Nakedness is a fallen state!! Christ came to restore us, to clothe us, to cover our shame. But because we live in such a cesspool of distractions as well as perversions, we continue to lose ourselves, the light grows dimmer, and we can sink into the delusions all around us.

Satan was defeated and the keys for divine life in Christ taken back. Through the power of God, and His kingdom living inside us, we can claim our rights and victory as citizens of God. However, the only place to insure this victory is to go inward, deeper and deeper into the chasm of Yah himself. The living water of Christ must swell up from within us, as we will never find it in the world or the traditions of religion, for they have all been altered and corrupted to keep us deceived and distracted as well.

If you want to find Yah, and your way home again, if you want to gain your freedom, it comes from a life of spiritual discipline, and seeing things for what they really are. Practice being still, quieting the voices and the whispers of the enemy and eagerly seek Yah from within while using God’s word as a weapon to cut through the lies and deactivate satan’s power. For God’s Word is the only weapon that can break the chains of the enemy. It is a two-edge sword.

Satan’ Primary Weapon Against You Is Distraction

Satan’s primary weapon is distraction. He wants to distract us from the truth. He want to distract us from God’s presence because he knows if we enter into silence, stillness, and abide with Yah regularly, our eyes will be opened, Yah will speak to us, empower us, lead and guide us, fill us with His divine wisdom and satan will lose all power over us. Until that happens, we are still living within his grasp and his fantasies and illusions. As long as the mind / ego/ self is in control of our lives, we are not living in Yah’s reality.

We are not naked.
We are not lacking.
We possess All that we need in Yeshua and His kingdom.
We are free.

But if we want to possess and maintain our freedom, we must spend significant time in silence, moving beyond the gate of anxiety, restlessness, and fear to reach the entrance of the divine.

If you want a spiritual awakening you must move beyond the tangible to the intangible. Only then will your eyes of understanding be opened and you will see that which you have not seen before. You will understand that which you have not understood before. As long as you remain in the tangible, the tangible is all you can perceive.

When you invite and empower God’s Spirit from within, no man needs to teach you because the Holy Spirit will teach you all things. But for that to happen, we must draw closer to the Spirit and turn away from the world. Otherwise, we will continue to see through a dark glass only getting bits and pieces of the truth. Roman 12:2 declares it very clearly, “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will. One does not happen without the other.

I never realized how much satan wants to fill our minds with crap…good crap, bad crap, info crap, mindless crap, intellectual crap, its all crap to overwhelm us and keep our minds occupied so we can’t come unto the knowledge of the truth. We can’t hear God and we can’t grow into the spiritual and powerful being we were created to be. It’s the biggest secret on Earth.

A Few Steps in Dealing with Feelings of Nakedness?

1. If you are alone and have undivided attention to pursue Jesus, you are truly blessed. Don’t seek to move away from that, use that time to press into Yah more and more. I find it somewhat difficult to stay consciously connected to Jesus when I am surrounded by lots of people or activities. If you have a family or a lot going on, it is imperative that you draw into your secret place to spend some quiet time with the Lord regularly. If you can, set a date with God daily.

2. Use mindfulness and/or Christ-Centered Meditation to learn to observe and detach from the hijacked ego/mind/self, and to stay in the present moment, embracing the what is and the what’s now and finding contentment in it.

3. Seek spiritual wisdom as opposed to worldly knowledge, leave open and quiet spaces in your day so that God can talk to you and you can develop an intimate relationship with him. I’m coming to realize there isn’t any instant anything.

4. Surrender all ideas and feelings of lack, anxiety, anger, fear, etc. to the Lord. Don’t attempt to divert, deny, or fulfill them (lack) on your own. Better yet, press into them. Look at them. Feel them. Perceive their roots. Let them have their say. Try to observe them from a neutral perspective. Lastly, turn them over to the Lord and Him restore you back to spiritual health. I have found that deep spiritual truths and revelations are almost always preceded by strong feelings (as mentioned above) that I press into instead of avoid, which is due to a dying of the self/ego on some level. My Diffusing Toxic Emotions meditation illustrates this process well.

5. Always be on the look out for spiritual warfare and attacks against you. Quick changes in your mood or the moods of others generally means satan or his demons has planted some seeds to create fear, chaos, discontentment, or doubt. Dig them up as soon as you can using love, prayer and God’s Word.

6. We don’t make things happen, we allow them to happen by creating an inner and outer environment receptive to the moving of God’s Spirit. If you want God to move in your life, sometimes we just need to set an intention, have faith and patience, and then move out of the way.

7. Try to see all the happenings in satan’s world as entertainment or daydreams to distract you, without getting wrapped up in them. The more you are entangled in the belief, the more power it has over you. Think of it as the placebo effect. It only has the power you believe it has.


If you enjoyed this article, please share your thoughts below. I’d love to hear from you. Also if you’d like to incorporate Christian meditation into your life, check out my bundle specials. Some mindfulness meditations on my website include Peace Meditation, Overcoming Negative Thoughts, and Quieting a Restless Mind.

7 thoughts on “Who Told You That You Were Naked?”

  1. Thank you so much for posting. This was really confirmation and enlightening to me. Sometimes as Christians we get to a plateau and aren’t sure where to go from man and this really refueled and it helped me to get out of that.

  2. Wow thank you for this message I was feeling lost in thinking over my situations….now I know is the enemy at work to disconnect me and my God,I thank God that he direct this message to me. Thank you Rhonda Jones God Bless you…I would like to have peace meditation,overcoming negative thoughts…thanks Michelle

  3. Rama Molisana

    Step no 6. deserves an Amen with capital letter A. Its speaks to everybody , believers and non believers. Its my mantra from this day onwards.

  4. Hi Amber, I am glad it ministered to you. I thank the Lord for this Word.

  5. Wow ..that is amazing… I was feeling so positive, blessed and close to God then all of a sudden today I felt lost and full of anxiety. I was wondering why do I feel like that all of a sudden when previously I was rejoicing in the Lord. Reading this article was like God just directly answered my question. I feel strong now . I understand the plans of the enemy so I can now watch out for that. I see Satan wants to tear me away from God. I thank God for this article . It is like words straight from God. Thank you is not strong enough to express my appreciation. I am going to activity take control of these negative voices. Stillness in God’s word is certainly the answer.

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